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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Controversial couple dynamics ensue – Brooke worries, Steffy lashes out, and Liam reprimands

In the upcoming two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful, from March 18 to March 29, Luna Nozawa will find solace in Bill Spencer as she grows frustrated with Poppy Nozawa’s […]

In the upcoming two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful, from March 18 to March 29, Luna Nozawa will find solace in Bill Spencer as she grows frustrated with Poppy Nozawa’s persistent avoidance.

Luna can never get a straight answer from Poppy about who her father is, so she’ll complain during the week of March 18-22 and perhaps get Bill’s offer to help.

Bill might think he can have a little chat with Poppy and convince her that Luna deserves the real story.

Meanwhile, Poppy will ask John “Finn” Finnegan for a favor, so will she spill who Luna’s dad is and ask him not to tell anyone?

Could this favor involve some DNA test deception instead?

Based on the clues that The Bold and the Beautiful’s offered so far, Jack Finnegan makes the most sense as Luna’s father.

If Poppy throws Finn that curveball, it’ll be interesting to see if she wants help coming clean or covering it up!

Meanwhile, Hope Logan will respond to Thomas Forrester’s marriage proposal, so our predictions point to her accepting the offer and setting off a wave of controversy.

Hope’s choice will stir up all different sorts of reactions among the Logan family and Forrester clan.

Ridge Forrester will obviously think this is amazing news, but what about Brooke Logan?

Although Brooke finally acknowledged that Thomas might be good for Hope, she also made it clear that they shouldn’t rush things.

Brooke surely won’t be happy when Hope accepts Thomas’ marriage proposal the very same day – at least in soap time!

It could bring some panic and a lecture as Brooke tries unsuccessfully to pump the brakes.

However, it’ll be Steffy Forrester who disapproves the most.

Once Steffy gets updates on Thomas and Hope’s official engagement, she’ll fly into a rage and confront Hope over setting her brother up for even more heartache.

Steffy just doesn’t have faith that Hope and Thomas’ relationship is going to last, so she’ll lash out over this wedding charade and act like Hope’s still stringing him along.

Hope, on the other hand, may argue that she’s proving her commitment and wonder why Steffy can’t just be happy for them.

When Steffy stands her ground, Hope will let her own anger erupt and turn this into quite a faceoff.

Over with Carter Walton, he’ll defend Thomas to Liam Spencer and insist he’s truly turned his life around this time.

Of course, Liam is never going to believe that and certainly won’t be pleased about Hope’s decision to marry Thomas.

We should also discuss March Madness since CBS sports coverage will lead to some preemptions on Thursday, March 21 as well as Friday, March 22.

Fortunately, the show will pick right back up on Monday, March 25 – and it should be worth the wait!

The week of March 25-29 will deliver much more drama, so let’s talk about what’s in store.

There’s a good chance they’ll resume the Sheila Carter saga by then, so we’ll see if Finn continues to be haunted by the sight of his deceased birth mother.

Finn is struggling to truly reconnect with Steffy in the aftermath of Sheila’s demise, so this could become a bigger problem if they can’t find a way to move forward together.

Deacon Sharpe will find himself drowning in grief over the loss of Sheila, but could hope be on the horizon?

It’s probably just a matter of time until The Bold and the Beautiful reveals an imposter perished and that the real Sheila survived.

As for Hope and Thomas, they may start discussing wedding plans once the engagement’s locked in.

Thomas will no doubt want the nuptials to happen as fast as possible, but will Hope urge him to slow down and enjoy the ride?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the next two weeks will bring some twists and turns, so stay tuned!

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