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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Desperate, Disagreeable, and Delighted

Discover what lies ahead for your beloved Salem characters. During the week of March 18th to March 22nd on Days of Our Lives, the spoilers highlight characters who are unkempt, bewildered, and […]

Discover what lies ahead for your beloved Salem characters.

During the week of March 18th to March 22nd on Days of Our Lives, the spoilers highlight characters who are unkempt, bewildered, and even troubled.

While some find themselves in dire situations, others are experiencing moments of joy. It’s a week you won’t want to miss.

Stefan’s Disastrous No-Good Really Awful Week

Stefan is one of those characters in a really bad place. Harris knows he shot him and he’s trying to leverage that.

Meanwhile, he’s still under Clyde’s thumb. Also, the guilt over shooting Harris, and sleeping with Ava when he’s a married man has to be overwhelming.

Plus, he struck that ridiculous deal with EJ for help with his escape.

Of course, he had to turn over everything he owned to make it happen. When Gabi gets out of jail she won’t be happy.

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Look for a whole mess of things to happen to Stefan this week, including EJ pulling the trigger on the escape plan.

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However, don’t think for a minute that the plan will come to fruition because, by the end of the week, the chaotic DiMera turns himself in.

There’s another deal in the mix, but there’s a problem with it. Also, Ava now knows Stefan is the one who shot Harris.

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Will Stefan get out of this mess without doing jail time?

Not Completely Clueless

Eric Brady means well, he can never say no when he completely should.

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For example, he should have said no when Nicole offered to hold Jude’s post-christening reception at the DiMera mansion.

Of course, Marlena would want to do the honors. But it is what it is, and the best part of Nicole throwing the shindig is it probably gets under Sloan’s skin.

In fact, Sloan and Eric have a disagreement about Jude’s christening. Is that what they’re fighting about?

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Or is it the fact that there’s an event where Jude’s the center of attention and not Sloan?

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Things may be okay, however, when Eric observes Nicole discussing christening arrangements with Sloan.

So maybe the lawyer didn’t know how to navigate this world and simply needed help.

In other news, this is where Eric’s not so clueless. He senses Holly is holding back about Tate.

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Hopefully, he’s able to talk to her and draw out the truth that the drugs were hers.

Could he help her tell everyone the whole truth and clear Tate’s name and reputation?

Odds and Ends

Chanel continues to experience all things happiness when she and Johnny finally make love as newlyweds.

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Later, look for the two to once again talk about their honeymoon. Will they end up at the Horton Cabin?

After all, Sarah offered it to them last week.

Elsewhere, John Black is dismayed to discover Marlena and Steve already know about Konstantin’s allegations.

John Confronts Marlena and Steve - Days of Our Lives - TV Fanatic

This presumably has to be about The Pawn aka John allegedly killing Konstantin’s daughter.

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There’s no way this is going to sit well with John.

Finally, in more positive news, Xander is finally released on bail to Sarah. Don’t think he’ll mind those conditions.

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