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Days of Our Lives Next 2 Weeks: Theresa’s Fortune – Jada’s Warning and DiMera Family Drama

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming fortnight, from March 18 to March 29, disclose that John Black will lose his temper over Steve Johnson’s long-kept secret about Catharina’s destiny. In […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming fortnight, from March 18 to March 29, disclose that John Black will lose his temper over Steve Johnson’s long-kept secret about Catharina’s destiny.

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In the week spanning March 18-22, John decides to rectify his past deeds as “The Pawn.”

He plans to apologize to Konstantin Meleounis and surrender to the authorities. Stefan DiMera also opts to turn himself in, but not before a series of dramatic events unfold.

Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels share an intimate moment, after which Stefan appears at Ava’s door.

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Harris informs Ava about Stefan’s near-fatal actions towards him, leading Ava to confront Stefan physically.

Stefan attempts to provoke Harris by revealing his encounter with Ava, but Harris remains indifferent and gives Stefan a deadline to surrender to the Salem Police Department.

Consequently, Stefan spends his final hours of freedom indulging excessively.

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Chad DiMera finds Stefan in a drunken state and likely informs EJ DiMera about Stefan’s admission to the police.

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EJ is taken aback upon learning of Stefan’s disclosures at the station, worried that Stefan might reveal DA DiMera’s deeper knowledge, putting EJ in a precarious position.

Xander Cook secures bail before Stefan’s confession and spends a tender night with Sarah Horton.

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Focusing on their love for Victoria Horton-Cook, leading to moments of parental bonding.

Other spoilers reveal Johnny DiMera and Chanel DiMera celebrating their marriage at the Salem Inn.

Johnny also organizes a small welcome-back celebration for Paulina Price with Steve, marking her return from the hospital with Abe Carver.

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While Leo Stark hunts for new gossip, Jada Hunter cautions Harris about Ava’s troublesome nature, suggesting he leave her to save his career.

Sloan Petersen-Brady attempts to exclude Nicole DiMera from Jude Brady’s christening, although Eric Brady might insist on Nicole’s presence.

Nicole and Holly Jonas are confirmed to attend the christening, but Eric faces another challenge, convinced Holly holds key information that could exonerate Tate Black.

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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of 12/25

Konstantin pushes Theresa Donovan to intensify her efforts to claim the Kiriakis fortune, hinting at a potential reconciliation with Alex Kiriakis in the following week.

Marlena resumes her work with a hypnosis session scheduled with Everett Lynch, aka Bobby Stein, potentially unraveling more complications and dangers for Salem.

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The narrative hints at Holly contemplating a confession regarding the drugs obtained on New Year’s Eve, following Tate’s advice against their use.

Eric hopes to persuade Holly to speak the truth, aiding in his liberation.

The next two weeks on Days of Our Lives promise significant developments and unexpected twists.

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