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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jordan resorts to drinking poison to evade justice – Summer turns against Claire

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Tuesday, March 19, unfolds as Nikki Newman, Victoria Newman, and Claire Grace converge to visit Jordan, only to disappoint her with news of no […]

The Young and the Restless spoilers recap for Tuesday, March 19, unfolds as Nikki Newman, Victoria Newman, and Claire Grace converge to visit Jordan, only to disappoint her with news of no rescue plan.

Instead, Nikki will take the opportunity to gloat along with Claire and Victoria.

Jordan will fire back about how she’s going to haunt them all and will act like Claire’s always going to be a Newman outsider like Adam Newman.

As for Victoria, Jordan will think she should sleep with one eye open since Claire could snap and turn against her, too!

Nikki will also get her buttons pushed over her sobriety struggles and Seth Morgan’s demise, but she’ll stay strong and make it clear that Jordan’s going back to prison.

However, Jordan will throw Victoria, Claire and Nikki a curveball when she pulls out a toxin vial, which she hid under the nearby mattress.

After Jordan admits she originally wanted to bring Nikki and Victor Newman there to send them out together, she’ll consider this her way out instead.

Jordan will drink the poison and seem offended over Claire not having any last words for her.

Once Jordan falls on the mattress in visible distress, Claire will ask what they should do.

Victoria will think maybe they should help Jordan, but Nikki will insist they didn’t know any poison was there – nor did they force Jordan to ingest it.

Even so, Victoria will point out that Jordan did this to avoid justice, so she’ll wonder if that’s really what they want.

As Claire reflects on everything Jordan put them through and taken from them, she’ll ask if Jordan deserves to live or die.

At the Newman ranch, Nick Newman will get updates on Nikki, Victoria and Claire confronting Jordan together, so he won’t be happy about such a risky plan.

Although Victor wasn’t thrilled about it either, he’ll assure Nick that everything’s under control and being taken care of regarding Jordan.

Summer Newman will show up with questions about Claire, so Victor will decide she should hear the unvarnished truth as a member of the Newman family.

Once Summer gets the news about Claire helping Jordan target the Newmans, she’ll flip out and wonder why she isn’t in prison.

Victor will explain that Michael Baldwin arranged for Claire to get mental help instead, so Summer will realize Claire’s recent hospital stay involved a stint in the psych ward.

Now that Claire’s made great strides in her recovery, Victor will push for support and acceptance for his new granddaughter.

Summer will still seem appalled and will question Nick about his own feelings.

Nick will admit it’s not so easy for him to move past what happened at the lake house, especially since Claire was a big part of Nikki losing her sobriety.

After Summer joins Kyle Abbott at home, she’ll insist it would be a colossal mistake for Claire to look after Harrison Abbott or even be alone with him.

When Kyle wonders why, Summer will explain that Claire is emotionally and mentally unstable.

After the things Claire’s done and what she’s capable of, Summer will struggle to understand why anyone would accept her into the family.

Next on Tuesday’s The Young and the Restless episode, Chelsea Lawson will open up to Dr. Alcott about her attempt to end her own life and worry that Connor Newman might try something similar before he can get treatment.

However, Dr. Alcott will stay positive and assure Chelsea that her own understanding of mental health issues is an asset rather than a liability.

That said, Dr. Alcott will believe Connor’s residential ERP treatment is the best course of action and will think a decision should be made ASAP.

At Connor’s school, he’ll refuse to let Adam unpack his bag since his dad wouldn’t do it right.

Connor will also explain that he changed to a new room because the old number was unlucky.

After Connor admits he doesn’t want to be there, Adam will question what he means by that.

Connor will insist he hates his school and doesn’t want to stay in a special hospital either.

Once Connor begs to come home, Adam will assure his son that he can.

It won’t be long until Connor, Adam and Chelsea make it back to Genoa City, so their first stop will be Crimson Lights.

On the patio, Adam will think they can table the discussion about the residential treatment, but Chelsea won’t want to put it off any longer.

Connor will seem upset and point out that Adam said he didn’t have to go if he didn’t want to – and he definitely won’t want to go!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam and Chelsea will have a hard time navigating things as co-parents, so stay tuned for more predictions on their family crisis.

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