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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas storms out on Hope after she rejects his marriage proposal

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, March 18, unveils Thomas Forrester persisting with his emotional marriage proposal to Hope Logan, hoping for the answer he desires, only to be […]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers recap for Monday, March 18, unveils Thomas Forrester persisting with his emotional marriage proposal to Hope Logan, hoping for the answer he desires, only to be disappointed by her response.

Hope assured Thomas that she loved him, but she couldn’t accept his proposal yet since she wasn’t ready.

As Thomas stepped away from Hope with a pained expression, she insisted she didn’t want to hurt him and loved when they spent time together.

Hope also knew Thomas loved her unconditionally, but she just got out of a marriage and was trying to focus on herself, the kids, her career and her relationship with Thomas.

Although Hope loved Thomas, she wasn’t ready for a forever commitment.

Thomas rushed out of the room in despair, so Hope looked pensive and upset once she was alone.

Meanwhile, Liam Spencer checked on Steffy Forrester in the CEO office, but she assured him that she was working through things with John “Finn” Finnegan.

Talk turned to Hope, who was stringing Thomas along and would never truly commit to him according to Steffy.

Liam wondered if maybe he could’ve handled things differently with Hope, but Steffy pointed out that Hope kissed Thomas in Rome and wasn’t so innocent.

Steffy felt that Hope was never going to marry Thomas, who was in for a world of hurt based on her prediction.

Liam thought Thomas might hurt Hope instead and called the two of them together a “toxic combination.”

Later, Steffy found Thomas looking distraught and wondered what was wrong.

Thomas explained that he asked Hope to marry him and got turned down again.

Steffy said she knew this was going to happen and added that Thomas didn’t deserve any of this.

After Steffy called Hope “bad news,” she warned Thomas to stop setting himself up for heartbreak over and over again.

Steffy argued that Hope would never give Thomas the commitment he wanted, so she warned him to let go and focus on a future without her.

At the cliff house, Poppy Nozawa said Finn could give Luna Nozawa what she wanted more than anything by talking to her.

Finn was more than happy to spend time with Luna, but he questioned how that would help if she wanted to talk to her dad.

Finn also asked if Poppy knew who Luna’s father was, but she would only say that Luna was conceived in love.

As for how Finn could help, Poppy thought that Luna needed a strong male presence in her life and asked if he could be that for her.

Finn insisted he’d be there for Luna anytime she needed him, but he also thought it was time for Poppy to come clean to Luna and tell her who her father was.

At Luna’s place on Monday’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Luna said Poppy’s secret was unfair since she deserved to know her father – and her father deserved to know her, too.

Bill Spencer suggested maybe Poppy knew something that Luna didn’t, so Luna asked if he meant that her dad might be a bad person.

Although Bill didn’t necessarily mean that, he was sure Poppy had Luna’s best interests at heart.

Bill was glad that Luna was able to confide in him, so she told him that he had kind eyes.

After talk turned to Bill being pretty guarded due to fortune, Luna pointed out that Poppy didn’t really care about money.

Bill thought Poppy was a remarkable woman who raised a remarkable girl, so he felt confident that Luna’s dad would be proud to call her his daughter one day.

Luna got even more emotional, so Bill asked how he could help without stepping on Poppy’s toes.

Although Luna didn’t know, Bill urged her to come to him if she thought of something.

Luna ended up reflecting on what it would’ve been like if Bill were her father, so he said she would’ve been filthy rich.

Since Luna didn’t care about money either, Bill cracked a joke and suggested that definitely meant she wasn’t his daughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Bill and Luna will continue to develop their bond, so stay tuned for updates on where their connection will lead.

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