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Days of Our Lives Recap: Harris’ Deadline for Stefan – Sarah’s Stunning Phone Call

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, March 19, reveals Harris Michaels confirmed to Ava Vitali that Stefan DiMera was the one who ambushed him at the docks and shot at […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Tuesday, March 19, reveals Harris Michaels confirmed to Ava Vitali that Stefan DiMera was the one who ambushed him at the docks and shot at him.

Stefan angrily points his finger at Harris. Standing between them, Ava glares at Stefan.

Leading to a heated confrontation where Ava slapped Stefan upon hearing the news.

Harris then mentioned Stefan’s attempt to eliminate him in the hospital, prompting Stefan to retaliate by revealing their secret liaison.

Ava attempted to dismiss it as a drunken error, yet Harris was more concerned with Stefan’s next move rather than their past indiscretions.

Ava slaps Stefan.

Harris informed Stefan about his intention to surrender for drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Advising Stefan to admit to being Clyde Weston’s accomplice, while framing Ava as an unwitting victim.

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Stefan was puzzled by Harris’s rationale, which was aimed at avoiding charges for attacking a law enforcement officer.

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With the condition that the actual shooter’s identity would remain concealed.

Given a deadline of 9:00 a.m. the following day to turn himself in, Stefan left the scene in frustration.

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Meanwhile, Ava and Harris reconciled over her past with Stefan, with Harris confessing his love after overhearing Ava’s hospital confession.

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Stefan, needing a drink, expressed his frustration about the situation and hinted at further actions.

In other events of the day’s episode, Sarah Horton received promising news over the phone from Justin Kiriakis, and later, she was with Xander Cook as he was about to be released on bail.

The lack of evidence on the shooter worked in Xander’s favor.

From behind, Sarah wraps her arms around a shirtless Xander. She wears a bra and a blanket around her shoulders.

Xander and Sarah shared a romantic moment at home, despite Xander’s troubled dreams about his legal issues, which Sarah comforted him over, reaffirming their love.

Paulina Price encouraged Chanel DiMera and Johnny DiMera to leave the hospital after a lengthy stay.

In the town square, the newlyweds shared their first dance and decided to extend their stay at the Salem Inn, enjoying their newfound peace.

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Kate Roberts Brady and Roman Brady visited Paulina in the hospital, where she shared her miraculous recovery and Abe Carver’s restored memory.

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Leading to a discussion about the dynamics of opposite personalities in relationships.

Abe revealed to Roman the supernatural assistance they received, adding a layer of mystery to their miraculous experience.

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Plans for a celebratory barbeque were made as everyone looked forward to Paulina’s discharge from the hospital, setting the stage for a joyful homecoming.

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