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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Sloan and Nicole Make Party Plans

Spoilers for Days of our Lives suggest that Sloan Petersen and Nicole Walker are proceeding with plans for the Christening afterparty. Additionally, Eric Brady opens up to his mother about his former […]

Spoilers for Days of our Lives suggest that Sloan Petersen and Nicole Walker are proceeding with plans for the Christening afterparty.

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Additionally, Eric Brady opens up to his mother about his former partner.

Moreover, Melinda and Leo are concocting plans with their cunning ally on the NBC Peacock soap opera.

Sloan Petersen & Nicole Walker Plan the Party

DOOL spoilers indicate that Sloan Petersen and Nicole Walker advance with Baby Jude’s Christening reception.

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Sloan never really wanted to have the party at the home of her husband’s ex-wife, Nicole.

However, when the lawyer tried to suggest the Brady Pub, Eric Brady wondered if his wife was trying to escape his ex.

Sloan Petersen saved face and said they could proceed with the planning.

After all, she doesn’t want Eric to think she’s jealous of Nicole Walker.

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However, Days of our Lives viewers know that the attorney, with help from Melinda Trask, did a baby swap last Fall.

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Now Sloan and Eric are raising Jude while Nicole believes her infant son died.

Yet, Sloan grows weary from raising the child. She misses the one-on-one couple time with her hubby and a full night sleep.

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Further, she’s wanted to tell Nicole the truth for a while, but Melinda always stops her.

Plus, Leo Stark knows this dark secret and has blackmailed his attorney, hoping she would grow a conscious on DOOL.

Eric Discusses Nicole with His Mom

Days of our Lives spoilers suggest that Eric Brady talks about Nicole Walker to Marlena Evans.

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She knows that she would be with Eric if the DNA test proved her baby was his.

However, due to doctor-patient confidentiality, Marlena can’t tell her son how his ex-wife feels.

Next week on DOOL, Eric connects with his mom. Of course, he still has lingering feelings for Nicole Walker.

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But she is married to EJ DiMera while he’s married to Sloan. Plus, he feels committed to his wife and son.

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He wouldn’t want to break up two families. What sage and motherly advice will Marlena give to Eric?

Many Days of our Lives fans on social media wish Eric Brady and Nicole Walker could be together to raise baby Jude and his big sister, Holly Jonas.

In the park, Holly and Eric smile down at Jude's stroller.

In fact, Holly and Eric still remain close even after his divorce from her mother.

Everything may change if the truth comes out about Eric, his ex-wife, and Jude.

But Sloan Petersen won’t like the results, especially since she could be arrested for kidnapping. Watch for the mother-son talk next week on the Peacock sudser.

Sloan, Melinda, and Leo Make a Deal

Days of our Lives weekly spoilers suggest Sloan Petersen, Melinda Trask, and Leo Stark are cutting a deal.

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Will it involve returning Jude to his rightful mother? Or will they discuss the godparent arrangement ahead of the Christening?

Leo wants to be the fairy godfather.

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However, Eric already asked his brother, Brady Black to fill the role on DOOL.

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But Leo warned Sloan there would be consequences if she didn’t comply with his wishes.

Of course, the legal eagle’s husband knows nothing about Lady Whistleblower’s demands.

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