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Days of Our Lives Recap: Stefan Confesses to Cops, Leo Chases a Story and Chad’s Weird Visit

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 21, detail that Jada Hunter revealed she had gone to check on Harris Michaels and convinced Roman Brady to grant her access. Observing that […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, March 21, detail that Jada Hunter revealed she had gone to check on Harris Michaels and convinced Roman Brady to grant her access.

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Observing that Harris hadn’t returned home since his hospital discharge, Jada concluded he must have been staying with Ava Vitali.

Despite Jada cautioning Harris about the risk to his career from his association with Ava, Harris seemed indifferent to the advice and showed no interest in leaving Ava.

In Thursday’s episode at The Spectator, Leo Stark considered featuring Clyde Weston’s breakout in his column, but Chad DiMera advised against giving Clyde any spotlight.

In the Spectator's bullpen, Chad stares his furrowed brow offscreen.

Yet, with Everett Lynch aka Bobby Stein away, Chad hoped Leo could tackle some significant news.

Leading Leo to seize an opportunity to report on Mayor Paulina Price’s astounding recovery and subsequent hospital discharge.

Over at Steve and Kayla Johnson’s apartment, Abe Carver expressed gratitude for their hospitality during his bout with memory issues.

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Wearing a baseball cap and utility jacket in Abe's doorway, Leo holds a flower bouquet in front of his face. Abe frowns. Steve and Kayla look on.

Later, Kayla proceeded to the hospital to release Paulina, who looked forward to returning home with Abe.

As they left, reporters swarmed Paulina for comments on her recovery, with Leo Stark pushing aggressively for details.

At Paulina’s residence, Johnny DiMera assisted Steve in moving Abe’s belongings in and preparing the home with decorations and stocked supplies.

In the hospital lobby, Leo holds out a recorder to Paulina. She grimaces while sitting in a wheelchair. Abe stands behind Paulina, while Kayla gives Leo a wary look. Another reporter stands behind Leo.

The conversation briefly touched on Clyde’s escape, prompting Johnny to remark on the dire fate awaiting Clyde’s accomplice, a comment that made Steve visibly uncomfortable.

Upon Paulina and Abe’s arrival with Chanel DiMera, they were greeted with decorations and joy.

Leo interrupted the gathering to discuss the article he was composing.

At the Spectator, Leo faces Chad with a whimsical expression.

Despite previous tensions, Paulina consented to an interview after acknowledging Leo’s previous successful articles.

Leo’s effusive praise for Paulina integrated him into the celebration, though Kayla sensed something was amiss with Steve.

Meanwhile, at The Spectator, Stefan DiMera arrived early in the morning seeking to drink with Chad.

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At The Spectator, Stefan holds up a liquor bottle while talking with Chad.

Who was surprised by Stefan’s drunken state and his regretful demeanor regarding his past actions, especially those concerning Abigail DiMera.

Stefan, declaring his innocence regarding Clyde’s escape, conveyed his love for his brother Chad, hinting at a readiness to confront his issues.

Once alone, Chad contemplated Clyde’s continued influence and condemned him for his actions.

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At the police department, Stefan disclosed to Jada and Harris his involvement in drug trafficking and money laundering under Clyde’s coercion.

Stating he had acted solo and warned Ava Vitali to remain silent.

With his confession, Stefan indicated it was time to negotiate with EJ DiMera, signaling more complexities ahead.

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Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives for further twists and turns as Stefan unveils more strategies.

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