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Days of Our Lives Next 2-Weeks: Nicole & EJ Learn Holly’s Secret – Alex & Theresa Reunite

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from March 25 to April 5. Highlight that Sarah Horton will make an effort to convince Xander Cook of Konstantin’s transformation, although […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from March 25 to April 5.

Highlight that Sarah Horton will make an effort to convince Xander Cook of Konstantin’s transformation, although Xander remains skeptical about Konstantin’s change of heart.

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Throughout the week of March 25-29, Konstantin will deceive Maggie Kiriakis once again by continuing his charade of forgiveness, making her believe he has dropped his vendetta against John Black.

In the town square, startling news will provoke reactions from Brady Black and Theresa Donovan.

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They’ll be incensed upon witnessing Kristen DiMera kissing Alex Kiriakis, not knowing this act is part of a ploy to incite jealousy, which, in turn, benefits Alex, leading to a potential reconciliation with Theresa.

Meanwhile, Jada Hunter will express her fury upon seeing Stephanie Johnson show undue sympathy towards Everett Lynch, alias Bobby Stein, confronting her friend about it.

Wendy Shin and Tripp Johnson will come to an agreement on the future of their romance, possibly moving towards wedding planning.

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Xander will encounter Harris Michaels, denying any involvement in the shooting at the pier, leaving Harris puzzled if his reaction indicates a deeper knowledge of the situation.

While Tate Black remains in a halfway house, he’ll use journaling as a therapeutic outlet, expressing his mixed feelings about Holly Jonas.

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This may lead to a confrontation with Theresa if she discovers his journal entries expressing conflicting emotions rather than outright anger towards Holly.

The christening of Jude Brady is set to begin, with Leo Stark causing disruptions.

Leo’s guilt over keeping Nicole DiMera away from her son might prompt him to reveal the truth in church.

However, Melinda Trask could intervene before Leo makes a public announcement, or Leo might decide against it.

Opting to express his support for Eric Brady and Sloan Petersen-Brady instead.

Following this, a clandestine meeting between Leo, Melinda, and Sloan will occur, where they’ll convince him to remain silent about Nicole’s secret child, forming a pact.

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John will light a candle for Catharina at St. Luke’s, seeking solace in Marlena Evans’s encouragement to forgive himself.

Holly will have a heart-to-heart with Eric, confessing Tate’s innocence and her role in the drug incident, a move that could lead to her urging Nicole to do the same.

At the reception, Holly plans to come clean to Nicole and EJ DiMera, preparing for significant revelations, as she fears disappointing Nicole with her secrets.

The following week, April 1-5, may see developments in Stefan DiMera’s situation, as he agrees to a deal with EJ that could secure his release by testifying against Clyde Weston, amidst potential double-crossing concerns.

Harris Michaels holds onto hope for Ava Vitali’s exoneration amidst the DiMera family turmoil.

Everett’s upcoming hypnosis session with Marlena might unlock new memories and lead to unforeseen developments.

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John will continue grappling with his past actions in Greece, with upcoming events leading him to question his guilt and possibly uncover new evidence during a trip to Aria.

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