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Days of Our Lives Recap: Holly Poses as Theresa – Jada Blasts Homewrecker Stephanie

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 27, indicate that Holly Jonas attempted to confess to Nicole DiMera her responsibility for the events of New Year’s Eve. Nicole was adamant that […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, March 27, indicate that Holly Jonas attempted to confess to Nicole DiMera her responsibility for the events of New Year’s Eve.

Holly scowls

Nicole was adamant that Holly was merely a victim and recalled dismissing the idea that the drugs might have been Holly’s initially.

Nonetheless, Nicole confessed to having doubts later on, questioning if she had failed as a mother by not noticing any red flags.

In the church, an emotional Nicole stares intently ahead

Holly decided against confessing and, once alone, sought out Tate Black’s contact information at his halfway house.

Pretending to be Theresa Donovan on the call, Holly expressed the urgency of needing to talk to Tate about a crucial matter.

Tate, meanwhile, was journaling about his mixed feelings for Holly as part of his therapy, pondering if distancing himself from her was the right move.

A solemn Tate holds a wall phone receiver to his ear at the halfway house

When Holly called, Tate, expecting Theresa, was taken aback but sympathized with Holly’s situation, reminding her of her ability to rectify things.

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Holly shared her reluctance to cause Nicole further anguish, leading Tate to empathize and discourage her from revealing the truth about the drugs.

Caught in a dilemma, Holly had to abruptly end the call when EJ DiMera returned home.

Nicole and Holly talked plans for Jude’s christening. Holly was upset over her mom not believing that the drugs weren’t Tate’s. She wasn’t acting like herself, and Nicole worried she was sick, but Holly insisted she wasn’t. Nicole insisted that her daughter had nothing to be sorry for.

Over at Harris Michaels’ apartment, Xander Cook arrived to clarify he wasn’t behind the shooting at the docks.

Despite his past, Xander claimed he had reformed, aiming to be a better person for Victoria Horton-Cook and Sarah Horton.

Harris, offering Xander some scotch, admitted to believing him, relating to the experience of being wrongfully accused and the desire to overcome a troubled past.

Xander stopped by Harris’s to thank him. However, Harris said he couldn’t identify his shooter, so the judge made the right call. Even so, Xander firmly said he hadn’t shot Harris.

Curious about who set him up, Xander initially suspected EJ but then had doubts. Harris, the sole witness, remained silent on Stefan DiMera’s involvement.

Eric Brady received a visit from Marlena Evans, who was shocked to learn he had agreed to let Nicole organize the christening without Sloan Petersen-Brady’s consent.

Eric regretted this oversight and mentioned a possible easing of tension between Sloan and Nicole.

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Eric told Nicole he had a confession to make. He admitted he’d seen her calm down Jude with Sloan the other day.

Also voicing suspicions about Holly hiding something from New Year’s Eve, with Marlena hoping for a swift revelation of the truth.

In the town square, Stephanie Johnson suggested to Everett Lynch, also known as Bobby Stein, that The Spectator might need a new PR firm due to their situation.

Everett encouraged her to stay, working directly with Chad DiMera if she preferred not to interact with him.

In the Square, Everett stares ahead with a drawn expression

Everett shared his discomfort about his blocked memories with Stephanie, who remembered a previous conversation where his father was a sensitive topic.

Everett considered hypnotherapy at Marlena’s suggestion but feared what he might discover.

Marlena ran into Everett on her way home. She seemed surprised, and she mentioned their upcoming sessions.

Though Stephanie convinced him understanding his past could be beneficial.

Everett held onto hope for a second chance with Stephanie, who, despite focusing on friendship, didn’t rule out more.

Confronted by Jada Hunter about being seen as “the other woman,” Stephanie defended both of their positions as victims, leading to a heated exchange over sympathies for Everett.

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Stephanie saw Jada, and she called her out for not saying hello. Jada said she was busy and had a lot on her mind.

At St. Luke’s, Eric and Nicole shared a moment of emotional connection, appreciating their enduring friendship after he saw Nicole comforting Sloan’s son, Jude.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease unexpected developments at Jude’s christening, promising more twists and turns ahead.

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