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Days of Our Lives Recap: Guilty Leo Derails Christening, Car Wreck Crisis and Theresa’s Outburst

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, March 28, highlight that Nicole DiMera and EJ DiMera were caught off guard when they noticed Holly Jonas wasn’t ready for Jude Brady’s christening. […]

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, March 28, highlight that Nicole DiMera and EJ DiMera were caught off guard when they noticed Holly Jonas wasn’t ready for Jude Brady’s christening.

At the DiMera mansion, Holly tries to get out of going to the christening.

Holly expressed her decision not to attend, prompting Nicole to wonder if she was hesitant to face Theresa Donovan and Brady Black at the event.

Holly, however, seemed disinterested and lacking the enthusiasm for the day’s proceedings.

Consequently, Nicole resolved that if Holly wasn’t going to attend, she and EJ would also skip the event.

Together EJ and Nicole work their magic. Holly is going to the christening.

Holly, realizing this would upset Eric Brady, decided to dress up and join them later.

In the town square, Melinda Trask bumped into Leo Stark, who was notably dressed up for the christening.

Upon learning of his attendance, Melinda urged him to remain silent about the controversies surrounding the baby.

Marlena talks to John who says he is struggling even more here in the House of the Lord and after seeing Jude. Marlena offers her unwavering support.

At the townhouse, Marlena Evans tried to alleviate John Black’s guilt over his past actions towards Catharina.

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Marlena encouraged him to let go of his guilt, especially to be there for Eric on the christening day.

At their townhouse, Marlena does her best to help John deal with his guilt and forgive himself for a crime he may not even have committed.

Theresa had a morning meeting with Brady at the pub and mentioned her visit to Tate Black, raising concerns about Holly’s impact on Tate.

After Brady does his best Godfather impression in honor of his becoming Jude’s godfather…he protects his breakfast from Theresa with his fork.

Roman Brady took a moment to commend Brady for taking on the role of Jude’s godfather, marking a moment of bonding between them.

After a last-minute hiccup with the reception preparations, Kate Roberts Brady stepped in to ensure the food delivery to the DiMera mansion.

Roman and Kate join Brady and Theresa at The Pub where Roman expresses his excitement for the christening. And anything but excitement for the party at the DiMera mansion.

Sloan Petersen-Brady briefly lost her composure over the reception’s planning but quickly made amends with Eric.

Sloan apologizes to Eric for freaking out. She says it’ll be a beautiful celebration.

Melinda’s arrival brought a gift for Jude’s future and her acceptance to perform godmother duties during the ceremony, despite her annoyance with Leo’s presence.

In the Square, Melinda yells at Leo while poking his chest. He scrunches his face at her

Eric’s absence prompted Melinda to vent to Sloan about Leo’s unexpected invitation.

At St. Luke’s, Leo arrived early, leading Father Benard to mistakenly think he was there for confession.

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Suddenly during the ceremony, Leo’s conscience gets the best of him and he interrupts the festivities. What he has to say can’t wait. To be continued.

The ensuing discussion about living a virtuous life added to Leo’s sense of guilt, which he managed to conceal during his brief interactions.

The christening brought together the attendees, including a strained exchange between Theresa and Holly.

The ceremony moved forward until Nicole’s memories and Leo’s sudden interruption brought a tense pause, with Leo on the verge of revealing a pivotal secret.

Melinda can’t believe Leo is going to the christening. She warns him to keep his mouth shut, that is, if he wants to stay out of prison.

Despite the buildup, the episode left the significant revelation about Jude’s parentage hanging, maintaining the suspense for viewers.

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