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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jada’s Worst Marriage Nightmare – Xander’s Twist for Rafe

The Days of Our Lives spoiler summary for Wednesday, April 3, shows Xander revealing to Sarah his analysis that the stripes on the track pants seen in surveillance video do not align […]

The Days of Our Lives spoiler summary for Wednesday, April 3, shows Xander revealing to Sarah his analysis that the stripes on the track pants seen in surveillance video do not align with the stripes on his own jogging suit.

At their apartment table, Xander and Sarah focus on a laptop

Xander demonstrated to Sarah that the individual captured on camera was dressed in an expensive designer track suit, in stark contrast to his own inexpensive pair, which is readily available.

After commending Xander for his sharp detective skills, they went to inform Rafe Hernandez at the Salem Police Department about what Xander had uncovered.

Xander stares pensively while sitting on his couch with his laptop

In his office, Rafe planned to catch up with Jada Hunter at the pub but delayed his departure to attend to a call.

After Jada left, Rafe received startling news over the call, predicting that it might lead to trouble.

Following their visit to discuss the discrepancy in the track pants, Rafe acknowledged that this could work in Xander’s favor and promised to pursue it further the next day.

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Intently staring at his laptop screen, Xander covers his mouth with his hand.

Feeling optimistic, Xander and Sarah returned home, with Xander expressing his gratitude to Sarah for consistently supporting him.

Over at the pub, Everett Lynch, also known as Bobby Stein, shared with Stephanie Johnson his unease about a smile he saw on his face during hypnosis, which he hadn’t mentioned to Marlena Evans.

Stephanie stands at Everett's table in the Pub. He motions at the empty chair across from him.

When Jada Hunter arrived, she noticed Everett and Stephanie together and was briefed about Everett’s hypnotic experience, reacting skeptically to his description.

Stephanie’s plea for Jada to show some understanding was met with reluctance, as Jada preferred to remain detached.

Elsewhere, Everett professed his love to Stephanie, hopeful about overcoming the hurdles they face.

Later, Stephanie runs into Everett at The Pub where he tells her about his first hypnosis session. He tells her he saw something that scared the hell out of him.

Rafe later revealed to Jada that her divorce from Robert Stein was not legally processed, meaning she remains his wife in the eyes of the law.

At The Bistro, Ava Vitali served Harris Michaels an Italian feast, with Harris assuring Ava of his complete affection for her.

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In front of the Bistro's bar, Harris wraps his arms around Ava. She rests her head against his chest

Although Harris anticipated the reopening of the restaurant, Ava decided against it, reflecting on the turmoil it brought her and contemplating a new, legitimate direction for her future.

Back at home, Wendy Shin displayed symptoms of distress from her kidnapping experience, with Tripp Johnson trying to soothe her with games and casual conversation.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Tripp grips an anguished Wendy's hands

Anxiety triggered by the game led to a supportive exchange between Tripp and Wendy, who then chose to set aside wedding formalities, focusing on strengthening their bond step by step.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Wendy’s battle with her traumatic past will persist, potentially impacting her relationship with Tripp.

Tripp and Wendy stare intently at each other on their couch

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