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Days of Our Lives Recap: Everett’s Stunning Question for Mom Under Hypnosis

The recap for Tuesday, April 2 on Days of Our Lives discloses that Chad DiMera paid a visit to Abigail DiMera’s resting place. Bringing Easter flowers and discussing the children’s egg hunt […]

The recap for Tuesday, April 2 on Days of Our Lives discloses that Chad DiMera paid a visit to Abigail DiMera’s resting place.

Holding a thermos, Chad crouches at Abby's gravestone

Bringing Easter flowers and discussing the children’s egg hunt happening at the Kiriakis mansion.

Chad expressed guilt over the fire at the Horton residence and Clyde Weston’s escape, offering an apology to Abigail’s memory and committing to rectifying his wrongs.

Simultaneously, Stephanie Johnson met with Julie Williams at the under-renovation Horton home.

At the Horton House, Julie and Stephanie turn to watch Chad stroll into the living room.

Julie asked for Stephanie’s advice on decor, aiming to divert her from her complications with Everett Lynch, known also as Bobby Stein.

Stephanie shared her difficulties following accusations from Jada Hunter about missing the signs of Everett’s betrayal.

In the Horton house, Julie holds up color and fabric swatches toward the fire place wall. A ladder stands nearby.

Despite her conflicted feelings about Everett, Julie counseled Stephanie to prioritize her well-being and seek solace in her support system.

Chad, dropping by to inspect the renovated bedrooms for the children, approved.

Sharing a moment with Stephanie, he spoke of his feelings of responsibility for Clyde’s actions and his visit to Abigail’s grave.

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Chad visits Abby’s grave, he brought Abby belated Easter flowers, told her about the kids’ Easter. He also told her about the fire.

Stephanie, in turn, reassured him he was not to blame, mirroring Julie’s sentiment about seeking comfort from loved ones.

Following Stephanie’s departure, Julie provided Chad with emotional support, empathizing with his profound loss of Abigail.

Elsewhere, Everett went to Marlena Evans for a hypnosis session, apprehensive about what he might discover.

Everett!Bobby finally has his first hypnotherapy session with Marlena. He’s nervous and afraid of what he might find out, but he’s there.

Under hypnosis, he remembered a peaceful moment with his mother, Helen, but the session took a sinister turn as Everett encountered terrifying visions, including a malevolent Bobby.

Despite Marlena’s attempts to reassure him, Everett left the session feeling insecure and with a jumbled recollection of the experience.

Later, at the pub, Everett, still shaken from the session, told Stephanie about the haunting images he saw under hypnosis.

Everett stares despondently in Marlena's office

Meanwhile, Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels relished their private moments, with Ava preparing French toast and planning a secluded dinner, eager to extend their intimate bubble.

Over at Sweet Bits, Chanel DiMera was about to close up when a substantial order came in.

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Johnny DiMera offered his help, which quickly turned romantic, leading them to a secluded encounter in the storeroom, intending to dispose of the flour sacks later to maintain health standards.

Wearing pink aprons in the Sweet Bits kitchen, Johnny and Chanel grin flirtatiously

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest more challenges and unfolding narratives for Chanel and Johnny, indicating further developments and intrigue.

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