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Days of Our Lives Spoilers Recap: Nicole Almost Smacks Holly Over Bad Mom Tirade

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers detail Kate Roberts Brady’s latest visit to the monastery to bring Lucas Horton various supplies and comforts. While she hinted at offering prayers for Lucas, he […]

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers detail Kate Roberts Brady’s latest visit to the monastery to bring Lucas Horton various supplies and comforts.

Wearing a monk's robe, Lucas scowls at Kate

While she hinted at offering prayers for Lucas, he pressed for her assistance in leaving the monastery instead.

Although Kate mentioned that Lucas’ arrangement with Harris Michaels wasn’t officially concluded, she was open to approaching the governor for Lucas’ release.

Kate tried to uplift Lucas’ spirits with encouragement and vowed to work towards his liberation.

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In another scene at Small Bar, Marlena Evans stumbled upon Alex Kiriakis and probed into his interest in dating Kristen DiMera.

When Paulina Price joined them, Alex excused himself after learning about her and Marlena’s evening plans.

Paulina, who ordered a vodka, vented about her dietary restrictions before her treatment and her dread of upcoming isolation, though Marlena offered to visit, bypassing the hospital’s usual visitation rules.

At Small Bar, Paulina regards Alex who wears a whimsical expression. An amused Marlena observes

Paulina’s vision of Lexie Carver was met with understanding from Marlena, who acknowledged the unexplained phenomena of the world.

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Marlena also confided in Paulina about the difficulties in assisting John Black with his historical challenges.

Upon Tate Black’s return home with Theresa Donovan and Brady Black, freed from his ankle monitor.

Brady and Theresa embrace in John and Marlena's living room

He expressed eagerness to catch up with friends but agreed to steer clear of Holly Jonas.

Realizing the need for space, Theresa decided it was time to move out, despite Brady’s initial solution to share his bed, which led to a misunderstanding.

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Eventually, Theresa opted for independence, leaving Brady nostalgic over their shared memories.

Alex and Tate’s conversation in the park touched on Tate’s recent release and Holly’s situation, revealing Tate’s protective stance towards Holly.

Subsequently, Theresa and Alex discussed living arrangements, with Alex persuading her to move back in as roommates under a no-strings-attached agreement.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole DiMera and Holly discussed the latter’s punishment for her actions, highlighting the gravity of her misconduct.

The discussion revealed Holly’s additional infractions, prompting Nicole to impose stricter disciplinary actions.

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Holly screams at Nicole in the DiMera living room

The confrontation escalated, with Holly criticizing Nicole for perceived neglect.

Their argument ended with Nicole reflecting on their strained relationship.

A secretive visit from Tate to Holly showcased their continued connection despite Nicole’s prohibitions.

Holly gapes at Nicole's raised hand

The night ended with Nicole making an effort to mend their relationship, emphasizing her deep love and concern amidst their disagreement.

Future spoilers hint at ongoing challenges for Nicole and Holly, suggesting more unfolding drama.

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