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Days of Our Lives Recap: Tate & Holly Busted Together – Eric Discovers Sloan Behind on Rent

A recap of “Days of Our Lives” from Friday, April 5, details Stephanie Johnson encountering Eric Brady and Sloan Petersen-Brady at the pub, along with Jude Brady. Stephanie shared the latest on […]

A recap of “Days of Our Lives” from Friday, April 5, details Stephanie Johnson encountering Eric Brady and Sloan Petersen-Brady at the pub, along with Jude Brady.

Stephanie grins at Jude's stroller while standing at Sloan and Eric's Brady Pub table

Stephanie shared the latest on the complicated situation involving Everett Lynch, also known as Robert Stein, prompting Eric to express his hope that she could find forgiveness.

Sloan echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of not judging others without understanding their experiences.

In a significant moment at The Spectator, Everett informed Chad DiMera and Leo Stark about Stefan DiMera’s arrest for his involvement with Clyde Weston’s illegal activities.

Everett questioned if Chad would expect him to conceal Stefan’s actions once more.

However, Chad made it clear they would publish the story, expressing regret for previously shielding Stefan.

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Stephanie’s announcement that she would continue her association with The Spectator, primarily collaborating with Chad, followed this revelation.

At the Salem Police Department, Jada Hunter discovered her divorce decree among old belongings in Rafe Hernandez’s office, alleviating a misunderstanding.

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But Sloan’s arrival as Jada’s attorney brought to light that the officially filed divorce documents lacked Bobby’s signature, indicating Jada and Bobby were still legally married.

Sloan suggested initiating the divorce process immediately with new paperwork.

When Everett was urgently called to the pub, he arrived to find Sloan and Rafe waiting with Jada.

The discussion revealed a snag in the divorce due to Everett signing “Everett Lynch” rather than “Bobby Stein,” complicating the matter further.

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Chad later advised Stephanie to maintain a distance from Everett, suggesting he seek support from others.

Elsewhere, after encountering Leo in the town square post a successful shopping spree, Eric contemplated his own financial prudence, especially in light of Sloan’s delayed rent payment.

Tate Black, after discussing future plans with Brady Black, surprised Holly with a visit and a gift of a burner phone, enabling them to communicate secretly.

Holly and Tate embrace outside the DiMera mansion

Despite their reluctance to return to school, Tate and Holly cherished their time together, sneaking away for privacy amid a near encounter with the gardening crew.

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EJ DiMera discussed with Nicole DiMera the board’s desire to oust Stefan from DiMera Enterprises due to the arrest scandal.

Nicole speculated on Stefan’s involvement in Holly’s drug incident, which EJ didn’t entirely dismiss, though he offered some defense for Stefan’s actions.

Brady strides into the DiMera living room as Nicole tensely looks at EJ

Brady’s unexpected demand for a public apology from EJ for Tate’s situation led to a mediated agreement by Nicole, culminating in a handshake.

However, Brady’s subsequent discovery of Tate and Holly together led to a strict prohibition of their association, despite their objections.

This episode teases continued intrigue with Holly and Tate’s relationship, promising more updates and spoilers from “Days of Our Lives.”

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