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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Plans Stefan Jail Visit – Eric’s New Budget Panics Sloan

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 10, show that Eric Brady had a chat with the landlord confirming that Sloan Petersen-Brady also missed her rent payment the previous month. Eric […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, April 10, show that Eric Brady had a chat with the landlord confirming that Sloan Petersen-Brady also missed her rent payment the previous month.

Days of Our Lives' Sloan and Eric talking

Eric thought Sloan was simply distracted and committed to resolving the issue, although he remained concerned about what he found out.

In the pub scene from Wednesday’s Days episode, Sloan urged Jada Hunter to pay up her retainer before their upcoming meeting, leading Jada to transfer the money right away.

Days of Our Lives' Sloan looking worried

Following that, Sloan disclosed unfortunate findings that strengthened Everett Lynch aka Bobby Stein’s legal position, complicating matters where mental illness is involved.

At The Spectator, during Wednesday’s DOOL episode, Everett appeared distant as Stephanie Johnson attempted to understand his troubles.

He abruptly told her he was busy and brushed off Leo Stark when pushed further.

Days of Our Lives' Leo looking at his phone

Jada later questioned whether Bobby was as unyielding as he was unstable, wondering why he wouldn’t just sign the divorce papers.

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Despite Jada’s gentler attempt to persuade him, Everett still did not sign, prompting Jada to leave in frustration.

Leo was intrigued by the drama involving Jada, Bobby, Everett, and Stephanie, although he believed Everett shouldn’t be too tough on himself for his memory issues.

Days of Our Lives' Everett talking to Jada

While Leo considered featuring this in his Lady Whistleblower column, Everett insisted on keeping it private.

Later, realizing he might never escape his alter ego Bobby, Everett left a voicemail for Marlena Evans seeking help.

Meanwhile, Stephanie met up with Jada at the pub and learned all about the divorce complications.

Days of Our Lives' Jada pleading with Everett

Jada apologized for her repeated outbursts towards Stephanie, who wasn’t to blame, leading to Stephanie’s forgiveness.

Stephanie confessed to being often angry with Everett, yet she empathized with him, indicating that her feelings for him weren’t straightforward.

At home, Eric confronted Sloan about her repeated late rent payments. Sloan claimed it was an oversight.

Feeling bad that his blackmail is affecting Jude, Leo agrees to cut down the money Sloan pays him by 25% and she tearfully hugs him.

She insisted it was not typical for her, but Eric noted it was the second time in as many months.

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Despite Sloan promising to manage her finances better, she evaded discussing it further with Eric, who ended up puzzling over discrepancies in their budget alone.

After Sloan left under the pretext of buying diapers, Eric determined that their financial numbers didn’t match up and decided to investigate further.

Days of Our Lives' Eric talking to Sloan

In the town square during Wednesday’s Days episode, Sloan flattered Leo about his writing skills.

With Leo securing more work at The Spectator, Sloan convinced him to lower the financial demands he placed on her.

Leo agreed to a 25% reduction, and Sloan enthusiastically hugged him, expressing her thanks.

Elsewhere, EJ DiMera bumped into Sarah Horton and Xander Cook as they walked with Victoria Horton-Cook, sharing news of Xander being cleared of all charges.

Days of Our Lives' Xander talking to Sarah

Celebrating at their apartment with burgers and fries, Xander hinted that the issue wasn’t fully resolved as he still needed to uncover who had set him up.

Sarah proposed Clyde Weston as a suspect, but Xander was skeptical.

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She noted Stefan DiMera’s ties to Clyde, prompting Xander to consider if Stefan could have been involved.

Xander wants to figure out who framed him, and wonders why he was targeted. Sarah agrees to help him figure it out.

Despite her worries about further troubles, Sarah reassured Xander that they were in this together, and they planned a visit to Stefan in jail.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole DiMera confronted Kristen DiMera for upsetting Holly Jonas.

Nicole criticized Kristen for her harsh words, while Kristen justified her comments as mere truth about Holly’s negative influence.

Days of Our Lives' Nicole confronting Kristen.

The argument escalated when Nicole highlighted that Kristen tricked Brady Black into fatherhood using a Nicole mask, leading to a physical altercation until EJ intervened.

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