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Days of Our Lives Recap: Catharina’s Mother Mystery – Tate & Holly’s Two Secret-Keepers

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, April 11, reveal Steve Johnson repeatedly tried to apologize to Kayla Johnson with flowers for his role in Clyde Weston’s escape. And although she accepted […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, April 11, reveal Steve Johnson repeatedly tried to apologize to Kayla Johnson with flowers for his role in Clyde Weston’s escape.

Steve and John realize that finding out who shot Katerina will ease their minds. They go over the facts and realize someone else could have been at the scene. They speculate it was the girl’s mother, and hatch a scheme to find her and learn what she knows about that fateful day.

And although she accepted the flowers and forgave him, she remained upset.

Steve disclosed more issues, particularly his ongoing guilt about the Catharina situation and his skepticism about Konstantin Meleounis’s forgiveness of John Black.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie Kiriakis enjoyed bonding with Holly Jonas, who secretly communicated with Tate Black for a rescue while Maggie was away.

Maggie introduces Holly to Konstantin who had heard about her troubles and is happy she’s better. She reminds him of Katerina. Maggie tells her Konstantin was friends with Victor. Holly lies and says she has to go see her mother.

Tate, dining with John and Marlena Evans, quickly left under the guise of studying after receiving Holly’s message.

Konstantin viewed Catharina’s photo, revealing his true feelings of vengeance despite outwardly forgiving John.

In the park, Holly met Tate briefly before rushing back as promised to Maggie. Konstantin disclosed his visa troubles to Maggie, hinting at his departure.

Konstantin tells Maggie she doesn’t have to apologize to him for mentioning that Holly reminded her of her son. He likes when she’s happy. He holds her hand and tells her he has to leave because his travel visa is expiring.

Ava Vitali sought distraction from Clyde’s problems at Harris Michaels’ apartment, where intimate moments led to her revealing another task Clyde expected her to handle.

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Steve and Kayla confronted John about their involvement in Clyde’s escape, and in private, Steve and John considered further investigations into Catharina’s background.

Steve continues to apologize to Kayla who still wants to remain angry with him, but forgives his “reckless and boneheaded risk” when he and Steve freed Clyde Weston.

Elsewhere, Stephanie Johnson questioned Everett Lynch about his true feelings toward Jada Hunter, leading to a tense moment about his marital status.

Everett shared his internal struggles with Marlena Evans but refused further hypnosis, abruptly ending their session.

Everett meets Marlena again, who’s glad he wants to learn more about his past. He admits that he’s struggling and wishes he were someone else. Ultimately, he turns down her suggestion for more hypnosis, wanting to leave the past in the past.

Holly and Tate managed a covert meeting in the park, keeping their encounter hidden from Stephanie Johnson and Kayla, who accidentally discovered them but chose to keep their secret.

Stay tuned to “Days of Our Lives” for more updates and surprises in the evolving storyline of Tate and Holly’s secret romance, and visit   for the latest spoilers and news.