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Days of Our Lives Weekly Spoilers: Chanel Goes Missing, Maggie Makes Bold Move

Discover what’s coming up for your favorite Salem characters. From April 15 to April 19 on “Days of Our Lives,” the spoilers highlight daring actions, corporate antics, and dubious conduct. Indeed, it’s […]

Discover what’s coming up for your favorite Salem characters. From April 15 to April 19 on “Days of Our Lives,” the spoilers highlight daring actions, corporate antics, and dubious conduct.

Indeed, it’s just a typical week in Salem.

Dodgy DiMeras

For some unknown reason, EJ is still Salem’s District Attorney despite his half-brother being in jail.

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And despite railroading an innocent Tate, he let him take the fall for Holly even though he didn’t know the entire story.

In addition, he wants to take the reins over at DiMera Enterprises since Stefan’s behind bars, Chad isn’t interested, and he won’t let Kristen touch the CEO’s office.

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This next week doesn’t get any easier for him.

First, EJ holds a press conference. It’s probably the one Brady wants him to hold so he can shout from the rooftops that TATE IS INNOCENT.

After it’s over, he tries to slink out and dodge reporters, but Chad and Xander stop him from leaving.

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Do they want more details on Stefan’s role in the drug mess and the Harris shooting?

Finally, Kristen and Stefan try to figure out a way to keep him from becoming CEO of DiMera.

Good luck prying EJ’s hands off of the family business!

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April Snow Showers Bring…A Missing Chanel

The show checks in with Johnny and Chanel, who are holed up at the Horton cabin for their honeymoon.

All is going well until Julie crashes their cozy scene. Their terrific twosome suddenly transitions into a terrific…trio.

Johnny and Chanel enjoy their honeymoon time at the Horton cabin. Johnny suggests they make s’mores, but Chanel doesn’t want to use the dirty sticks he found, instead producing clean skewers. They end up kissing.

Unfortunately, a freak April snowstorm means they’re all snowed in for the foreseeable future.

Later, Johnny and Julie grow concerned when Chanel goes missing in said freak snowstorm.

Is Clyde Weston responsible? Good thing Paulina joins the search for her missing daughter.

Paulina can’t stop working remotely from her computer, so Abe goes behind her back and gets her subordinates to pick up the slack, giving her a much needed reprieve.

Paulina will find her daughter, right? RIGHT?

Odds and Ends

Eric continues to be confused by his and Sloan’s financial situation.

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Good thing Stefan hires her to defend him. Because she needs the cash to take care of rent, baby Jude, and the bigger baby that is Leo Stark.

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Speaking of Jude, Marlena and John babysit him. This is after Marlena prays for her husband.

She hopes he’s ready for the truth when he receives information about his time in Aria, Greece, Konstantin’s home.

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Finally, a couple of bold moves take place. First, Maggie decides to do something drastic to help Konstantin stay in the country.

Marry him, perhaps? And Jada overhears Rafe tell Everett!Bobby to sign the divorce papers.

How many people have to tell him to sign the papers? Why is he really acting so stubborn?

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