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Days of Our Lives Recap: Thomas Steals Konstantin’s Red Card – Julie the Honeymoon Wrecker

The “Days of Our Lives” recap for Friday, April 12, reveals that Paulina Price managed to stay busy working on her laptop in isolation while Sarah Horton, fully equipped with protective gear, […]

The “Days of Our Lives” recap for Friday, April 12, reveals that Paulina Price managed to stay busy working on her laptop in isolation while Sarah Horton, fully equipped with protective gear, checked on her.

Because of Paulina’s radiation treatment, she’s in isolation and Sarah enters in full hazmat gear. She sets up a tablet so Paulina can video chat with Abe

Sarah delivered a card to Paulina from Abe Carver before joining him in the waiting area.

Abe had to maintain his distance from Paulina due to her radiation levels but managed to keep in touch through video calls.

Paulina can’t stop working remotely from her computer, so Abe goes behind her back and gets her subordinates to pick up the slack, giving her a much needed reprieve.

This situation led to some friction, as Abe expressed concerns about Paulina overworking herself, which caused a slight argument between them.

Following another video call with Chanel DiMera, Paulina received some updates about her mayoral duties and discovered that Abe had resolved some work-related issues without her knowledge.

Johnny and Chanel enjoy their honeymoon time at the Horton cabin. Johnny suggests they make s’mores, but Chanel doesn’t want to use the dirty sticks he found, instead producing clean skewers. They end up kissing.

Despite feeling a bit crossed by Abe’s actions, Paulina was thankful, attributing her clouded judgment to the side effects of her radioactive iodine treatment.

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, the noise and chaos from the children put Julie Williams in a sour mood.

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Chanel is worried about her mother. Johnny thinks Paulina is going to be okay. They start making out on the couch, when Julie enters, surprising them. They end up convincing her to stay because the snowstorm outside is getting worse.

The situation escalated when Thomas DiMera, running through the hall, accidentally made Julie spill her wine.

Thomas apologized, and Chad DiMera caught up to explain they were playing hide and seek, advising Thomas to avoid the bedrooms.

Nonetheless, Thomas ended up hiding in Konstantin’s bedroom, where he discovered a red card used to manipulate “The Pawn,” aka John Black, mistaking it for a game card.

Thomas apologizes to Julie. Chad comes in and also apologizes because they were playing hide and seek. Julie laments not being able to get outside because of the bad weather.

After deciding she needed a break, Julie left for the Horton cabin on Smith Island, where Chanel and Johnny DiMera were already enjoying their honeymoon.

They had a special Italian dinner and s’mores, but their intimate moment was interrupted when Julie unexpectedly barged in.

Realizing she had intruded on their honeymoon, Julie planned to leave, but a looming snowstorm and the absence of streetlights on the island forced them to let her stay in the bedroom while they took the sofa.

Maggie and Konstantin go to sit outside (with apparently no storm above the Kiriakis mansion). He says that Victor stated Salem inspired him to start a new life. He tells her that Salem is right for him, to her surprise.

Xander Cook, carrying Victoria Horton-Cook, jokingly offered Konstantin a ride to the airport, poking fun at his situation.

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Maggie assured that they could use their resources to help Konstantin stay as long as he wished, despite Xander mentioning the Greek mafia’s ban on his return home.

Chad invited Xander to EJ DiMera’s upcoming press conference and promised to send him the details.

Xander and Chad discuss Konstantin, then work. He wants to run a story investigating who framed him. Chad encourages Xander to go for it. They plan to attend E.J.’s mysterious press conference.

Later, Xander expressed concerns to Sarah about Konstantin’s presence around Victoria due to his mafia connections.

After finding Thomas in Konstantin’s room, Chad scolded him.

Though Thomas denied touching anything, he secretly kept the red card he found.

Chad finds Thomas in Konstantin’s room and scolds him. The boy denies touching anything, with his fingers crossed (and the card) behind his back.

Konstantin and Maggie later enjoyed a stroll, during which he praised Salem and suggested a dance, claiming she inspired music in his heart.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers indicate that the theft of the red card by Thomas will lead to unexpected developments.

And more intriguing updates are promised, making the go-to source for all things “DOOL.”