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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eric Overhears Leo’s Blackmail Clue – Paulina Saves Injured Chanel

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Wednesday, April 17, disclose that Marlena Evans found out Paulina Price was absent from her hospital room and became anxious about Paulina potentially leaving the hospital […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Wednesday, April 17, disclose that Marlena Evans found out Paulina Price was absent from her hospital room and became anxious about Paulina potentially leaving the hospital while radioactive, risking others’ safety.

Standing in the Horton Cabin, Paulina wraps an arm around Chanel's waist. Chanel pulls her plaid coat tight to her. Paulina wears a tall fur hat and red fur coat.

Marlena updated John Black about the situation after they discovered Chanel DiMera was also missing.

They speculated that Paulina took drastic measures without considering the risks, fueled by her protective instincts.

Paulina took control of a snowplow to clear a bridge and located Chanel injured in the snow.

With pursed lips, Paulina looks intently ahead in the Horton cabin. She wears a tall black fur hat and red fur coat.

Chanel had sprained her ankle and was stuck among rocks, but Paulina managed to rescue her and supported her back to a cabin.

Once inside, Paulina made sure Chanel was comfortable on the couch but was concerned about her radiation exposure affecting Chanel.

Despite the circumstances, Chanel expressed her gratitude to Paulina for saving her.

Johnny looks intently at Chanel on the Horton Cabin couch. He wears an oversized brown fur coat scarf and knit hat. Chanel wears an open red and black plaid coat.

Johnny DiMera came back and was relieved to learn that Paulina was the rescuer.

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Meanwhile, Julie Williams was happy to see Chanel safe but worried about the radiation exposure Paulina caused, hoping it wouldn’t lead to further issues.

At the Kiriakis mansion that day, Konstantin Meleounis panicked upon realizing his red card was missing, leading to accusations against a housekeeper named Ellie.

In the mansion, Maggie looks sternly at Konstantin. Her hands rest on a curly hair maid's shoulders. The maid looks sheepishly to the side.

Maggie defended Ellie, highlighting her long-standing reliability, which led Konstantin to apologize, claiming sentimental value for the card linked to Catharina.

Maggie later confronted Konstantin in his room, wanting him to stay based on his response to her marriage proposal, which Konstantin joyfully accepted.

At the pub, John shared with Marlena his plans to explore a new lead in Greece related to Konstantin’s past relationships as he sought Catherina’s mother and Konstantin’s ex-wife.

John received information that Konstantin had married Elizabeth Sederis in 1970 in Aria, who later vanished post-divorce.

Back at home, Eric Brady was thrown off by Sloan Petersen-Brady’s entrance, struggling with their budgeting issues.

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Sloan suggested handling it herself, believing Eric misunderstood the software, while encouraging him to pursue photography work at The Spectator.

With her hand on her hip in their apartment, Sloan grins over Eric. He sits at the desk, fixated on his laptop.

After Eric left, Sloan urgently called Leo Stark, emphasizing the need for a positive outcome from Leo to ensure Eric’s employment at The Spectator through Chad DiMera and Xander Cook.

Leo then reassured Sloan over the phone about endorsing Eric strongly, just as Eric suspiciously listened in.

Eric stands at the cracked open Spectator office door. Inside, Leo talks on the phone.

“Days of Our Lives” continues to tease upcoming complications for Sloan, so viewers are encouraged to keep up with future episodes for more insights into her tangled affairs.

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