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Days of Our Lives Recap: Stefan’s Plan to Get Gabi Out of Prison – Theresa Quits After Bella Shutdown

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” reveals that Alex Kiriakis informed Theresa Donovan they needed to shut down Bella Magazine due to its continual failures and the loss of their primary […]

The recap for “Days of Our Lives” reveals that Alex Kiriakis informed Theresa Donovan they needed to shut down Bella Magazine due to its continual failures and the loss of their primary advertiser.

Despite Alex’s promise to find Theresa another position, she decided it was best to resign, standing firm despite Alex’s objections as she emotionally exited Titan.

In another scene at the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin Meleounis reluctantly declined Maggie Kiriakis’ marriage proposal, which had placed her in an uncomfortable position with her friends and family.

However, Maggie, determined to rectify the complications arising from Konstantin’s dispute with Victor Kiriakis, convinced him to stay in the country and accept her proposal, which he eventually did, touched by her compassion.

At the DiMera mansion, the dynamics were tense as Kristen DiMera questioned EJ and Stefan DiMera about their secretive deal.

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EJ dismissed her inquiries, mockingly reminding her of her non-DiMera heritage and hinting at a PR move to undermine Stefan’s reputation.

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Once alone, Stefan suggested Kristen could lead DiMera Enterprises as she wasn’t barred like him.

In return, he asked for her help in freeing Gabi Hernandez DiMera from prison.

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Kristen considered his proposal, especially after confirming Gabi’s innocence, and vowed to uncover the real reason behind Li Shin’s downfall, despite dead ends from the police and private investigations.

Meanwhile, Tripp Johnson confronted Ava Vitali about her reasons for moving out, just as Wendy Shin overheard and joined, concerned.

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Ava reassured them of her well-being and felt it was simply time to leave.

Post her departure, Wendy confided her fears of further family ordeals to Tripp, who encouraged seeking professional help for her ongoing trauma.

At a local pub, Harris Michaels proposed a toast to new beginnings, though Ava was preoccupied with a lingering obligation to Clyde Weston.

They planned to retrieve a critical item using Ava’s keys to The Bistro, but when EJ later confronted Ava about her resignation and demanded the keys.

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She deferred handing them over, preferring to deal directly with Stefan.

Harris clashed with EJ over Ava’s situation, prompting warnings from EJ about their precarious positions.

Maggie consoled her, blaming Alex for Theresa’s struggles with the magazine.

Resolute, Maggie decided to confront Alex at Titan to discuss reinstating Theresa and revitalizing the company to honor Victor’s legacy.

Finally, at the mansion, Konstantin pressured Theresa to secure her part of the Kiriakis fortune by marrying Alex

While also alluding to his own engagement to Maggie and his plans that could not proceed without locating a certain item.

As Theresa expressed frustration with their plotting, Konstantin menacingly reminded her of the consequences should she deviate from their plan.

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