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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Xander’s Horror – Help for Gabi and Johnny & Chanel’s New Home

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the next two weeks, from April 22 to May 3, disclose that Paulina Price will attempt to justify her perilous actions to a critical Kayla Johnson […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the next two weeks, from April 22 to May 3, disclose that Paulina Price will attempt to justify her perilous actions to a critical Kayla Johnson and Abe Carver.

As Paulina faces criticism for her risky rescue operation, Johnny DiMera is set to deliver a pleasant surprise as the week of April 22-26 kicks off, hopefully boosting Chanel’s mood after their honeymoon disaster.

DOOL enthusiasts will see Harris aiding Ava in her challenging quest to locate the book.

Meanwhile, Tate Black and Holly Jonas will snatch a moment together, though their constant sneaking around leaves them exasperated.

The week will also introduce two new teenage characters: Aaron, a friend of Tate’s, and Sophia, a friend for Holly.

Sophia finds Tate attractive and probes to see if Holly is still interested, potentially setting the stage for romantic complications.

In terms of romantic gestures, Everett Lynch, aka Robert “Bobby Stein,” will show a completely new demeanor around Jada Hunter.

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Theresa Donovan will spice things up with Alex Kiriakis, donning a provocative outfit and engaging him in a sensual massage, although their encounter stops short of further intimacy.

Theresa will later confide in Brady Black about her feelings of inadequacy.

On another front, Alex finds himself enticed by Kristen DiMera’s proposition for a wild night, which he might just accept based on the weekly preview video, though his final decision remains uncertain.

As for Kristen and Stefan DiMera’s partnership, it will advance after Kristen confronts EJ DiMera once more.

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They will further commit to their plan, looking to identify the real perpetrator behind Li Shin’s downfall to clear Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s name and help Kristen seize power at DiMera Enterprises.

Elsewhere, Eric Brady will corner Sloan Petersen-Brady over discrepancies in their finances, tracking the mystery to Leo Stark’s accommodations at the Salem Inn, leading to a confrontation about the financial arrangements.

Nicole DiMera seeks a journalistic position at The Spectator, hoping Chad DiMera will hire her.

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Meanwhile, Johnny and Chanel might move into Jada’s former apartment as she opts to live with Rafe Hernandez.

Paulina, exasperated with EJ’s underhanded tactics, will sternly reprimand him in her office.

The latter part of the fortnight will see frantic wedding preparations, with Xander possibly intervening to prevent Maggie’s marriage to the dubious Konstantin.

Back at The Spectator, Chad’s likely hiring of Nicole will unsettle EJ, especially as Nicole may uncover secrets detrimental to Stefan.

The upcoming two weeks promise to deliver tension and unexpected developments on “Days of Our Lives.” Keep following for more insights and updates on all unfolding storylines.

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