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Days of Our Lives Recap: Holly Lies to BFF Sophia – Eric Finds Sloan’s Salem Inn Charges

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, April 23, detail that Eric Brady confronted Sloan Petersen-Brady after suspecting her involvement in Leo Stark’s phone conversation. Eric remembered Leo’s commitment to leverage every […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, April 23, detail that Eric Brady confronted Sloan Petersen-Brady after suspecting her involvement in Leo Stark’s phone conversation.

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Eric remembered Leo’s commitment to leverage every angle, prompting Sloan to confess her efforts to persuade Leo to endorse Eric for a new job.

Sloan believed Leo was indebted to her for her exceptional legal services.

Their conversation shifted to household budget concerns as Sloan had been tweaking figures to balance the books.

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Eric, suspecting Sloan might have a shopping or gambling problem, voiced his concerns, but Sloan dismissed them as absurd and accused Eric of using work as an excuse to avoid staying home with their child.

After a heated discussion about finances, Sloan suggested Eric was projecting his financial worries onto her.

Eric cautioned Sloan against portraying herself as a victim.

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Subsequently, Sloan decided to take a walk with Jude Brady to cool off after a tense exchange.

Alone, Eric retrieved a past-due bill from the mail, addressed to Sloan, revealing daily charges at the Salem Inn, leaving him puzzled.

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At the DiMera mansion, EJ DiMera dismissed Kristen DiMera’s probing about his business dealings with Stefan DiMera, emphasizing that she would gain no information from him.

In their living room, an exasperated Eric faces Sloan who remains straight faced.

EJ then rushed off to manage his responsibilities as District Attorney and at DiMera Enterprises.

In the town square, Nicole DiMera returned a phone to her daughter, Holly Jonas, hoping it would help rebuild trust.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Tate Black temporarily took over duties for a sick colleague.

Despite concerns about school, Tate reassured his father, Brady Black, and even sent him off with a treat for Rachel Black.

While Holly and her friend Sophia enjoyed coffee, Tate managed to cheer Holly up with a note.

Holly confessed to keeping their secret romance from Sophia, fearing she might spill the beans.

The friends then talked about prom and left, with Tate catching up to return Holly’s forgotten notebook.

Nicole met with EJ to discuss his heavy workload and her own career aspirations, reassuring him that she was not considering a position with Basic Black, DiMera’s rival.

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Back in the town square, Sloan encountered EJ and inquired about his arrangement with Stefan, but EJ sternly advised her to keep out of DiMera family matters.

In their living room, Sloan cups Eric's face. His hands circle her waist.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady was informed by Kristen that Rachel was already at an art class, managed by a driver.

Kristen informed Brady of Rachel’s tutoring schedule, which was news to him.

Kristen assured Brady that Alex Kiriakis was fully supportive of Rachel’s activities.

Kristen talks to her daughter.

As Brady left, he expressed a desire to mend his friendship with Nicole.

At home, Alex was upset by a misleading press release about Bella and was momentarily distracted by Theresa Donovan’s appearance.

Theresa hinted at starting a vlog as a new career move and mentioned Konstantin Meleounis and Maggie Kiriakis’ engagement, which led Alex to speculate about Konstantin’s motives.

Theresa’s actions, intended to calm Alex, seemed to deepen his affections, but she quickly left for her workout, suggesting Alex might need to cool down.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Theresa’s strategy might lead to unforeseen consequences involving Alex and Kristen, promising more twists in the storyline.

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