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Days of Our Lives Recap: Bobby & Everett Switch – Tripp’s Hong Kong Surprise

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Wednesday, April 24, reveal that Kristen DiMera confronted Stefan DiMera at the DiMera mansion, pondering who else might have a reason to permanently eliminate Li Shin. […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Wednesday, April 24, reveal that Kristen DiMera confronted Stefan DiMera at the DiMera mansion, pondering who else might have a reason to permanently eliminate Li Shin.

Days of Our Lives Recap: Wednesday, April 24 Bobby & Everett Switch, Tripp’s Hong Kong Surprise

Stefan was skeptical about Kristen’s ability to clear Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s name when both the police and his own private investigators had failed.

But she was confident in her investigative skills, likening herself to a shark that can detect a trace of blood.

In the DiMera living room, a stonefaced Stefan regards Kristen. She looks downward with a light smirk.

In the next scene from Wednesday’s episode, Ava Vitali was forced to apologize for staying another night as Roman Brady had declined her request to stay with Harris Michaels.

Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin assured her it was alright, though Wendy was visibly stressed and nearly lost her temper with Ava.

Despite plans to meet Stephanie Johnson for lunch, Wendy was too exhausted and decided against it, prompting Tripp to suggest staying home with her.

Wendy warily stares open-mouthed at Kristen

However, Wendy insisted he go without her, preferring some time alone.

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After Tripp left, Kristen visited Wendy to propose establishing a college scholarship in Li’s honor, which DiMera Enterprises owed.

However, the conversation soon turned into an interrogation about Li’s attack, leaving Wendy suspicious and stressed after Kristen departed.

Elsewhere, in Everett Lynch a.k.a. Robert “Bobby” Stein’s room at the Salem Inn, Bobby nonchalantly discarded signed divorce papers in the trash.

At a table in the Pub, Everett sits in front of his laptop with crossed arms. He contemplatively stares off with a tilted head and pursed lips.

Outside the pub, Stephanie happily informed Jada Hunter about Everett finally signing the divorce papers as Robert Stein.

When Bobby approached, his interest in reconnecting with Jada was evident, especially when he complimented her memory of his coffee order. He barely acknowledged Stephanie, which puzzled her.

Jada asked for the divorce papers, but Bobby played it cool, suggesting they would handle it soon.

Bobby then pondered writing an article about Officer Rebecca Goldman’s double life but settled on a lighter topic about a Smith Island snowstorm instead.

Outside the Pub, Stephanie watches with confusion as Everett grins at Jada

While typing, he momentarily reverted to his Everett persona, confusing Stephanie further when she confronted him.

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Meanwhile, after Harris persuaded Roman to let Ava stay at his place temporarily, Roman updated Tripp about the arrangement.

Tripp and Stephanie discussed Wendy’s PTSD over lunch, and he admitted his own struggles. Stephanie proposed a vacation far from Salem for the couple.

Standing behind her, Tripp looks over Wendy's shoulder. She weepily stares at her phone

Returning home, Tripp found Wendy distressed from a call with her father.

She lamented the ongoing grief of her parents after Li’s loss and their daughter’s near loss.

Tripp then surprised her with tickets to Hong Kong, delighting Wendy.

Back as Bobby, Stephanie encountered him again, this time even more evasive about the divorce papers, adding to her confusion.

In his Salem Inn room, Everett stares with narrowed eyes and a light smirk

At The Bistro’s soft reopening, Rafe Hernandez cautioned Stefan to stay out of trouble, warning of consequences for any missteps.

The evening grew tense when Ava and Harris arrived, and Jada expressed disapproval of Harris’s relationship with Ava.

Jada and Rafe later retrieved the divorce papers from Bobby, who, after a brief delay, handed them over with a wink.

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At a Bistro table, Jada stands with her arm draped around a seated Rafe. The beam, looking offscreen.

After they left, Bobby gazed at his engagement photo with Jada, smirking at his plans to win her back.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers suggest Bobby is set to cause chaos in Salem, and we’ll keep you updated with all the dramatic developments.

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