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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa’s Prenup Problem – Nicole Confesses Torn Heart – Leo Spills to EJ

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week of April 29-May 3 reveal that Kayla Johnson will urge Steve Johnson to reconcile with John Black after Konstantin Meleounis has driven a wedge […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week of April 29-May 3 reveal that Kayla Johnson will urge Steve Johnson to reconcile with John Black after Konstantin Meleounis has driven a wedge between them.

Elsewhere, Konstantin enlists Theresa Donovan for a new project aimed at eliminating the prenuptial agreement he’s up against.

This is part of Konstantin’s strategy to access Maggie Kiriakis’ share of Victor Kiriakis’ wealth.

Using the red card to manipulate John once again, Days spoilers indicate that Konstantin will issue some startling commands to “The Pawn” and eagerly anticipate the chaos that follows.

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Meanwhile, Theresa finds herself clashing with Alex Kiriakis due to his ties to Kristen DiMera, showcasing her envious side.

While Brady Black and Rachel Black enjoy some time together before her school trip, Marlena Evans faces a puzzling situation.

Marlena is baffled when Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, decides to halt his therapy sessions.

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Chanel DiMera falls ill suddenly and requires hospital care, her condition quickly worsening, alarming Johnny DiMera and Paulina Price.

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Chanel’s illness may be linked to radiation exposure, a consequence of Paulina’s proximity during a recent rescue in a snowstorm.

In other news, Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin say goodbye to their loved ones as they embark on a journey together, seeking relief from their traumatic memories in Salem.

Standing behind her, Tripp looks over Wendy's shoulder. She weepily stares at her phone

Following a dispute over finances, Sloan Petersen-Brady and Eric Brady experience tension, but Eric finds solace in working with Nicole DiMera at The Spectator.

Nicole is assigned to reporting while Eric handles photography, and they begin to work well together, overcoming any initial awkwardness.

Back to Sloan, Days spoilers reveal she has had enough and decides to halt payments to Leo Stark, prompting him to consider his next move.

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With Leo poised to disclose a life-altering secret to EJ DiMera, questions arise about whether he will reveal Sloan’s act of taking Nicole’s baby boy.

Given that a DNA test has already disproved Nicole’s suspicions, EJ is skeptical and cautious about disappointing Nicole with baseless claims.

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This skepticism might lead EJ to conduct a secret investigation, potentially discovering that he is not the father, which could affect his decisions moving forward.

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Nicole confides in Marlena about the turmoil surrounding Holly Jonas and her rekindled connection with Eric at The Spectator.

A possible revelation to EJ that Nicole and Eric’s relationship is rekindling could sway his decisions regarding what he knows about Jude Brady, should Leo disclose this information.

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Eric, on the other hand, will confront Sloan about Leo’s potential blackmail, putting her in a difficult position as she must devise a believable explanation.

Stay tuned to “Days of Our Lives” during the week of April 29-May 3 for a thrilling set of developments.

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