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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel’s High-Risk Pregnancy – Dimitri’s New Man – Eric & Nicole’s Job

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 1, detail that Leo Stark arrived at The Spectator carrying a snack gift basket as requested by the reception desk for Chad DiMera. The […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 1, detail that Leo Stark arrived at The Spectator carrying a snack gift basket as requested by the reception desk for Chad DiMera.

A happy and forward-looking Leo was devastated when he got a letter from Dimitri, who stated that he met someone in prison and they were going to go off together. Poor Leo was left in tears.

The accompanying card indicated it was a gesture of gratitude from Mayor Paulina Price, though Chad appeared indifferent and allowed Leo to choose some snacks.

Leo expressed his interest in a reporter position to Chad, but was informed that he was too late, as Nicole DiMera had already been hired for the job.

Chad offered Eric a freelance photographer’s position. Nicole showed up for her first day and was shocked that he was also working at the Spectator. Eric felt it was the universe working in its mysterious ways.

EJ DiMera ensured Nicole’s first day started well by having the DiMera chef prepare a special breakfast, showing his full support for her.

Upon her arrival at the office, Nicole was questioned by Chad about her source for the tip on Paulina.

After recalling she learned it from EJ, she told Chad it was merely an incidental piece of information that raised her concern.

E.J. was happy for Nicole’s first day as a reporter for the Spectator, and that she passed his tip about Paulina’s actions on to Chad.

She implicated Johnny DiMera as a witness to the turmoil on Smith Island, misleading Chad to believe he was the source of the tip.

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While Chad directed Nicole to handle the necessary administrative work.

Eric Brady had a contentious conversation with Sloan Petersen-Brady, questioning her motives for giving money to Leo.

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Needing solitude, Sloan excused herself and later met with Leo.

She persuaded him to start anew with Dimitri von Leuschner after his release from prison, despite cutting off his financial support.

Sloan conveyed her belief that Nicole and EJ would be unfit parents for Jude, urging Leo to remain silent to ensure Jude stays with his current parents.

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However, Leo pondered the potential payoff from EJ for keeping his secret, after Sloan departed.

After a walk, Leo returned to his room to read a recent letter from Dimitri, who disclosed finding his ideal partner in prison and their plans for a new life together.

Meanwhile, Sloan informed Melinda Trask over the phone that she believed she had convinced Leo to move away with Dimitri.

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Elsewhere, Eric was alone with Jude when Chad invited him to The Spectator, where Chad praised his portfolio and offered him freelance work, indicating a promising future collaboration.

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When Nicole met Eric after finishing with HR, they were both surprised to find out about each other’s new roles and learned they would be working together on an immediate assignment.

At DiMera Enterprises, EJ discussed managing his dual roles with his assistant Rita, who advised him to approach his issues with Paulina more diplomatically.

E.J.’s secretary, Rita, convinced him that killing Paulina with kindness would be the best approach.

Preoccupied with Chanel’s situation, Paulina abruptly ended a call with EJ, who was left increasingly agitated and ready to challenge the mayor.

In the hospital, Kayla Johnson conducted tests on Chanel DiMera to check for radiation poisoning but found only her unexpected pregnancy.

Which came back normal except for the pregnancy itself.

At the hospital, Paulina was concerned that Chanel’s symptoms of fatigue and nausea were caused by her exposure to radiation. Kayla said she would run bloodwork.

The joy of Chanel and Johnny turned to concern when Kayla noted the pregnancy’s high risk due to the crucial early development stage of the fetus’s major organs.

As they processed the news, Chanel, overwhelmed by emotions, and Johnny, filled with worry, faced an uncertain future.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest significant decisions lie ahead for Chanel and Johnny, and the storyline will continue to unfold with more predictions and updates, click