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Days of Our Lives Recap: Loose Cannon Leo’s DiMera Mansion Visit

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, May 2, indicate that Nicole DiMera took care of Jude Brady while Eric Brady was having an off-screen discussion with Chad DiMera. Upon Eric’s return, […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, May 2, indicate that Nicole DiMera took care of Jude Brady while Eric Brady was having an off-screen discussion with Chad DiMera.

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Upon Eric’s return, Nicole accidentally heard him leaving a strained voicemail for Sloan Petersen-Brady.

Eric confessed to having an argument with Sloan, who felt she wasn’t valued enough by him.

Eric then apologized to Nicole, ensuring she never felt undervalued, and expressed that they were on good terms now, suggesting they should forget past grievances.

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Despite this, Nicole expressed concerns about working closely with Eric, considering Sloan and EJ might disapprove.

Eric, however, reassured her that their collaboration wouldn’t cause any issues, and they began to plan a series on homelessness in Salem.

Leo blamed Sloan for Dimitri’s imprisonment and subsequent new romance, but Sloan reminded Leo of his promise to remain silent about Jude.

With a wry expression, Leo drapes in the DiMera doorway. EJ juts out his chin and raises his brow with annoyed anticipation

Leo expressed frustration over gaining nothing from his silence, but Sloan insisted on keeping the blackmail secret to maintain his good image, although Leo doubted he had one.

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Sloan stressed that revealing the blackmail could land both of them in trouble, and left hoping Leo would see reason.

Meanwhile, in the town square, Sloan made a worried phone call to Melinda Trask about Leo’s unpredictable behavior post-breakup.

At Small Bar, Sloan gapes at Leo who lays his head on the table next to his empty martini glass

When Sloan spotted Eric and Nicole walking with Jude, she watched them with a stern look.

At a local pub, Roman Brady informed Ava Vitali that her lease application was rejected due to her lack of employment.

Ava convinced Roman to hire her at the pub, promising to prove her worth in a week.

In the Square, Eric and Nicole peer into Jude's stroller. In the distance, Sloan watches them while on the phone

Elsewhere, after Harris Michaels discussed Bayview and recent inquiries by John Black with Marlena Evans, Ava mentioned her new job to Harris.

Marlena then shared her concerns about Eric and Sloan’s relationship and John’s problems with Roman, who offered to help by keeping an eye on Eric.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan DiMera instructed Kristen DiMera to secure Gabi Hernandez DiMera’s release from prison before an important board meeting to aid her quest for power.

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A beaming Kristen leans in close to Stefan on the DiMera couch

Kristen reassured Stefan she would manage, hinting at having additional plans.

Stefan also noted EJ’s awareness of his drug operations at The Bistro and his indifference, suggesting EJ prioritized his marriage over DiMera Enterprises.

In EJ’s office, he tasked Rita with staying late to dig into Titan’s financial details, aiming for a takeover.

At his desk, EJ animatedly talks while holding a fork over his food. In the foreground, Rita holds a glass of water

After Harris and Ava discovered a hidden compartment in a dust-free wine bottle at The Bistro, they retrieved the black book Gil Carter hid.

Stefan caught them but offered help after learning about their mission related to Clyde Weston.

Back at the mansion, a drunken Leo arrived, hinting to EJ that he had valuable information worth paying for, setting the stage for upcoming drama.

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