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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sloan’s Paternity Spill – Holly’s Emergency Therapy

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, May 3, reveal that Sloan Petersen-Brady disrupted a tender moment between Eric Brady and Nicole DiMera with Jude Brady in the town square. Nicole left […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, May 3, reveal that Sloan Petersen-Brady disrupted a tender moment between Eric Brady and Nicole DiMera with Jude Brady in the town square.

EJ scowls at a shamed Sloan

Nicole left quickly, and back at home, Sloan pressed Eric for explanations.

Eric explained that he was unaware Nicole would be at The Spectator and insisted her friendliness in the square was innocent.

However, Eric remained suspicious about the situation involving Leo Stark and doubted Nicole’s motives for covering his hotel expenses were purely altruistic.

An emotional Sloan appeals to Eric. His head rests in his hand

Eric recalled overhearing a phone call where Leo discussed blackmail, leading him to suspect that Sloan was being blackmailed by Leo.

Sloan confessed this was true but fabricated a story about it concerning her past, which she preferred not to delve into.

She expressed fears of losing both her law firm and Eric, prompting her to pay Leo. Despite Sloan’s efforts to calm him, Eric left abruptly to confront Leo.

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Outside the DiMera mansion, EJ grabs Leo by his jacket

At the DiMera mansion, Leo attempted to tease information to EJ, hinting at a secret involving Jude that could compel EJ to pay for more details.

When Leo mentioned that Jude, Nicole’s son with EJ, was still alive, EJ was skeptical and accused him of lying.

Leo maintained his honesty, revealing his blackmail of Sloan over this very secret.

Sitting on a Salem Inn bed, Leo embraces a trash can. Eric stands next to him. One hand supports Leo's head and the other rests on the trash can

As Leo had already divulged everything necessary, EJ saw no reason to compensate him.

Later, a drunken Leo returned to his suite where Eric demanded an update on the blackmail.

Leo, feeling ill, struggled to stand, prompting Eric to assist him and show some sympathy after Leo expressed regret over his actions towards Sloan.

Meanwhile, Sloan had just put Jude to sleep when EJ forcefully entered her apartment, insisting Jude was his son and he was there to take him.

EJ threatened legal action against Sloan, who then revealed that while Jude was indeed Nicole’s child, he was not EJ’s.

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Holly Jonas was struggling with schoolwork and anxiety. Nicole comforted her and called Marlena Evans for an urgent therapy session.

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie Kiriakis briefed Marlena and John Black on her impending nuptial arrangement with Konstantin Meleounis.

In the Kiriakis mansion, John and Marlena exchange a wary look

Stressing it was only a formal union, and Konstantin had agreed to a prenup.

John and Marlena were not enthusiastic about the news but agreed to attend the wedding after Konstantin invited them.

After Marlena left to assist Holly, and Maggie went to meet Theresa Donovan.

Frowning, Holly drapes over her bedroom desk. She rests her chin on her crossed arms

After Holly went to bed, Nicole sought Marlena’s counsel about her complex relationship dynamics with Eric.

EJ, and Sloan, admitting to Marlena that she still harbored feelings for Eric.

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