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Days of Our Lives Recap: Konstantin Burned Phony Prenup – John & Marlena’s Trick Explained

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, May 7, indicate that Maggie Kiriakis received a call from Justin Kiriakis, leading to significant revelations to Xander Cook, Sarah Horton, and Konstantin Meleounis. Maggie […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday, May 7, indicate that Maggie Kiriakis received a call from Justin Kiriakis, leading to significant revelations to Xander Cook, Sarah Horton, and Konstantin Meleounis.

Xander asked Maggie if Konstantin would be getting a job after their wedding, or just living off of her fortune.

Maggie shared that Victor Kiriakis’ will had been processed through probate, and she revealed her intentions to become a philanthropist, planning donations to various charities.

Konstantin objected, suggesting Maggie was making a hasty decision.

Despite his protests, Maggie countered that she had considered her decision for a long time and was puzzled by Konstantin’s reaction.

Maggie was happy to learn that Victor’s will was finally out of probate.

Xander expressed frustration at Konstantin for questioning Maggie’s decisions, dismissing him as a recent figure in her life.

After further discussion in Tuesday’s episode of Days, Konstantin apologized for his intrusion and appeared more supportive.

Meanwhile, Maggie took Victoria Horton-Cook for a walk in the garden, and Konstantin discreetly left the scene, allowing Xander to express his suspicions about Konstantin’s intentions regarding Maggie’s fortune to Sarah.

When Maggie revealed that she planned to donate most of her inheritance to charity, as well as distribute a good portion among the family, Konstantin had a constipated look on his face. He ran off after apologizing for saying she shouldn’t do that without thinking about it first (which she had).

Sarah urged Xander to concentrate on their happiness, leading to a tender moment between them.

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Elsewhere, Alex Kiriakis received similar news about the probate of Victor’s will and updated Theresa Donovan.

Despite initially thinking about their joint future, Theresa corrected herself to imply the fortune was solely for Alex, leaving him momentarily puzzled.

Alex was shocked to learn that Victor’s estate was worth more than he imagined. With a slip of the tongue, Theresa said, “We’re gonna be set for life…I mean, you’re gonna be set for life.” He went to get champagne and caviar to celebrate.

Nevertheless, Alex planned a lavish celebration with caviar and Champagne.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady Black and Kristen DiMera had an awkward encounter as Kristen hinted at more involvement with their child, which Brady rebuffed.

Alex, having arrived to pick up Champagne, unexpectedly kissed Kristen in front of Brady, escalating tensions.

Kristen was telling Brady how she wanted to give him more access to Rachel, when Alex showed up and planted one on her.

Instead of leaving, Alex decided to stay and further indulge in his liaison with Kristen, enjoying the thrill of their connection.

Meanwhile, Brady confronted Theresa about Alex’s infidelity after witnessing it at the DiMera mansion, causing Theresa to regret her recent decisions.

A surprise visit from Konstantin led to a rushed cover story about needing help with a wedding gift for Maggie, which confused Brady.

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Once alone, Konstantin stressed the importance of Theresa securing Alex’s fortune, hinting at dire consequences if she failed.

At Marlena Evans and John Black’s townhouse, Steve Johnson was briefed on a recent scheme involving Konstantin.

They discussed hypnotic techniques used to thwart Konstantin’s manipulation, including the swap of a crucial prenup document, which Marlena and John managed cleverly.

John and Marlena revealed that John snuck into the mansion and swapped out the prenup with a fake one, so when he retrieved it from the safe and Konstantin burned it, the conman didn’t know he was being conned.

The episode hinted at further complications and strategies involving the characters, promising more intrigue and drama in upcoming episodes. where you want to be for terrific Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates and news, so make us your one-stop DOOL source.