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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Overhears EJ’s DNA Results Rant – Harris & Ava Find Blood Clue

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 8, indicate that Ava Vitali served Holly Jonas and Sophia Choi at the pub before she went upstairs to check on a frustrated Harris […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 8, indicate that Ava Vitali served Holly Jonas and Sophia Choi at the pub before she went upstairs to check on a frustrated Harris Michaels.

Ava and Harris discuss Clyde.

Harris struggled to decode Gil Carter’s black book and decided to send the encrypted file to a navy friend for further analysis.

During a call, Ava stalled Clyde Weston by claiming she hadn’t located the black book yet.

Clyde, growing impatient, gave her 48 more hours to send him scanned pages of the book before destroying it.

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After ending the call, Ava updated Harris, who was upset as the absence of a physical meeting meant they couldn’t apprehend Clyde.

Harris thought of a plan to tag the photos of the pages to trace Clyde’s IP address and possibly locate him.

Later, Ava found a sticky substance on the black book which Harris identified as blood.

Ava and Harris hit the sheets.

Meanwhile, Sophia talked with Holly about the upcoming prom, specifically mentioning her interest in going with Tate Black.

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She checked again to ensure Holly was over Tate, to which Holly falsely assured her she was.

At the park, Aaron gave Tate some football tips and shared his own hopes of taking Sophia to the prom, unsure if she was even aware of his interest.

Tate holds a football in the park. He regards Aaron, an athletic teen with floppy curls.

Tate showed little enthusiasm for the prom, but Aaron hyped it up as the event of the year, encouraging Tate to attend.

Aaron also expressed concern that Holly might have affected Tate’s view on relationships, but Tate clarified that he held no grudges, though he kept quiet about his secret relationship with her.

Later, Tate accidentally hit Sophia in the face with the football, leaving her worried about a bruise for prom.

Holly looks sympathetically at a wincing Sofia in the park. Tate and Aaron face them.

Tate apologized and fetched ice for her. Despite her initial anger, Sophia hinted that Tate should accompany her to the prom, and after some encouragement from Holly, he agreed.

Holly suggested Aaron could join them, and he eagerly agreed, setting up a double date.

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Tate and Holly then exchanged a knowing glance, realizing they were creating a pretext to be together at the prom.

Sitting next to Holly, Tate drapes his arm along the park bench backing. They each hold a plate containing a pastry

Back at home, after Sloan Petersen-Brady coldly received Eric, he left for work.

Sloan then met with Melinda Trask and revealed that Leo Stark had drunkenly leaked information to EJ DiMera about stolen Jude Brady.

She reassured Melinda that her name was not mentioned and promised to support her.

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Melinda appeared anxious as she drank wine, while Sloan convinced EJ to stay quiet by disclosing the truth about Jude’s paternity.

Sloan wondered if her efforts to build a family with Eric were worthwhile.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ urgently requested Dr. Wilhelm Rolf to expedite the DNA test results.

Johnny gives EJ an incredulous look

Overheard by Nicole DiMera, EJ pretended the urgency was about DNA evidence for a criminal case.

Later, when Nicole and Eric discussed their relationship issues in the town square, Eric realized his previous mistakes and expressed his desire not to repeat them with Sloan.

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Nicole reassured him that they were both improving in their new relationships.

Nicole showed Eric hygiene kits for their project on homelessness and shared her past experiences of living in her car, impressing Eric with her resilience.

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Meanwhile, EJ learned from Johnny DiMera that Chanel DiMera was pregnant, facing a high-risk pregnancy due to radiation exposure.

Despite the risks, Johnny revealed Chanel’s intention to keep the baby.

EJ advised caution, emphasizing the potential dangers but was reminded by Johnny that decisions about the pregnancy were Chanel’s to make.

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EJ promised to help by arranging the best medical care to assess the situation.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Johnny and Chanel will face significant challenges ahead, and further updates and predictions will follow.

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