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Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander Rejects Mother – Maggie’s Hidden ISA Device

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, May 9, indicate that Harris Michaels and Ava Vitali visited the DiMera mansion, where they persuaded Stefan DiMera to support Harris’ version of events. Harris […]

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Thursday, May 9, indicate that Harris Michaels and Ava Vitali visited the DiMera mansion, where they persuaded Stefan DiMera to support Harris’ version of events.

With blankets covering them, a seemingly naked Ava and Harris prop against the head board in bed

Harris aimed to keep Ava out of the scandal involving the black book.

So the plan involved Stefan pretending to find the book at The Bistro and then handing it to Harris, who was acting as a detective.

Stefan learned that the blood found on the black book was being analyzed, and he agreed to assist in bringing down Clyde Weston.

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After Harris handed the book over to Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter at the Salem Police Department, he updated Ava on their keen interest in the case.

Hoping his Navy SEAL friend would decrypt the book and pinpoint Clyde’s location.

Harris prepared to join the team he had assembled, leaving after a heartfelt goodbye and a promise to return to Ava.

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Ava and Harris encouraged each other to remain cautious, with Harris confident that their strategy to apprehend Clyde would succeed.

In a home scene from Thursday’s “Days” episode, Xander Cook gifted Sarah Horton a special Mother’s Day mug, suggesting it was chosen by Victoria Horton-Cook.

The conversation turned to Xander’s mother, and Sarah questioned why she had never spoken to her.

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Xander, reluctant to discuss his mother, emphasized that Maggie Kiriakis was the only grandmother Victoria needed, dismissing the need for his mother’s involvement due to unresolved issues.

Xander then hinted at investigating whether Stefan had set him up for shooting at Harris, and he headed to the DiMera mansion to confront Stefan.

Stefan feigned ignorance, but Xander cleverly revealed the deception by discussing a specific financial sum.

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Catching Stefan off guard when he mistakenly confirmed the amount, thus strengthening Xander’s suspicion that Stefan had framed him.

In the next segment of Thursday’s episode, Marlena Evans invited Maggie to discuss her upcoming wedding to Konstantin Meleounis.

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Following Maggie’s departure, Konstantin visited Sarah and expressed gratitude for her approval of his union with Maggie, promising not to cause any harm.

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Sarah endorsed the marriage under the condition that Konstantin remain harmless, though she voiced concerns about him blocking Maggie’s chance at true love.

Later, Xander rejoined Sarah, visibly upset about Stefan’s apparent guilt. Despite Sarah’s advice to let go of the vendetta, Xander remained determined to pursue justice.

As the episode concluded, Maggie returned home, cryptically mentioning her insightful discussion with Marlena to Konstantin, hinting at a memorable wedding ahead.

An anguished Maggie sits on a couch holding a folder. Steve sits next to her with his hand on her back

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers suggest major developments are upcoming for Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding day, promising to deliver a mix of surprise and turmoil.

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