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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Stefan’s Gabi Plan – Theresa’s Bold Move – Nicole Uncovers Abby’s Notebook

Spoilers for “Days of Our Lives” over the next two weeks, from May 13 to May 24. Indicate that EJ DiMera will have a crucial meeting with Sloan Petersen-Brady and will reluctantly […]

Spoilers for “Days of Our Lives” over the next two weeks, from May 13 to May 24.

Indicate that EJ DiMera will have a crucial meeting with Sloan Petersen-Brady and will reluctantly decide to keep the truth about Jude Brady’s real parents a secret.

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In the week from May 13-17, EJ and Sloan will come to an understanding as Eric Brady and Nicole DiMera experience an odd encounter with Leo, who seems puzzled by EJ’s reticence.

Subsequently, viewers can expect further personality swaps for Everett Lynch.

Also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, which hints at Stephanie Johnson witnessing some bizarre events.

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Elsewhere, Tate Black will romantically sweep Holly Jonas off her feet with a heartfelt declaration and a passionate kiss.

Despite the opposition from their parents, Tate is determined not to lose Holly, even if it means they must continue their relationship in secret indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Theresa Donovan will boldly propose to Alex Kiriakis that they become a couple once more.

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As for Brady Black, Marlena Evans will quiz him about his romantic life and seek updates on his genuine feelings for Kristen DiMera.

Meanwhile, Leo will find himself in trouble again when Sloan confronts him while intoxicated about disclosing secrets to EJ.

Leo will certainly wonder how Sloan managed to keep EJ silent.

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In other updates, Nicole discovers a notebook that shocks Chad DiMera.

It turns out to be an old journal belonging to Abigail DiMera, which may contain unexpected revelations for Chad.

In another part of town, Xander Cook ends his scavenger hunt for Sarah Horton with a charming marriage proposal.

Fans of DOOL will see Victoria Horton-Cook get involved as Xander uses her bib to propose.

On another front, Rafe Hernandez and Jada Hunter will respond to new developments in Li Shin’s case after discovering his blood on a black book.

Jada and Rafe will collaborate with Kristen and Stefan DiMera in a crucial meeting as they strive to clear Gabi Hernandez DiMera of accusations.

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Rafe will later discuss with EJ his suspicions about Gil Carter possibly being involved in Li’s demise, suggesting the incriminating black book as evidence.

Jada and Rafe at the station.

Stefan will try to push EJ to reopen the case, but EJ will rebuff his brother, insisting that Gabi remains the prime suspect.

Feeling stonewalled, Stefan will seek help from Mayor Paulina Price with a passionate appeal for assistance.

Back with Nicole, she attempts to mend fences with Holly, hoping to move beyond their disastrous Mother’s Day confrontation.

Whether Nicole agrees to let Holly attend prom might open up negotiation possibilities, so their future interactions will be key.

In the final week, EJ will grapple with guilt about keeping a critical secret from Nicole.

EJ’s inaction in reuniting Nicole with her son will trouble him.

Even as he notices Nicole and Eric growing closer through their work at The Spectator, which might convince him to maintain the status quo.

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There will also be more wedding preparations as Maggie Kiriakis cleverly manipulates Konstantin Meleounis.

It will be intriguing to see Maggie turn the tables on Konstantin as she draws him into her scheme.

“Days of Our Lives” promises major surprises and significant developments over the coming weeks, so keep watching!

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