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Days of Our Lives Recap: Alex’s Wild Spending – Stefan Surrenders Records to Help Gabi

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Tuesday, May 14, detail that Tate Black was puzzled about why Holly Jonas had been avoiding him, leading him to confront her at the school […]

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Tuesday, May 14, detail that Tate Black was puzzled about why Holly Jonas had been avoiding him, leading him to confront her at the school lockers.

In the school hallway, Holly uneasily faces her locker. Behind her, Tate reaches out with a concerned expression

Holly confessed her embarrassment after Tate saw her arguing with Nicole DiMera, which left Tate disheartened to see her so distressed.

During their conversation, Sophia Choi interrupted and inquired about their discussion.

Tate covered up by saying he was seeking help with Spanish, despite Holly’s admission that it was her weakest subject.

Alone at the school lockers, Tate holds Holly's face as he kisses her

Sophia offered to tutor Tate, but he managed to excuse himself from the arrangement for the afternoon.

Once Sophia left, Holly expressed her relief that Tate was attending prom with her best friend, confusing Tate.

However, Holly encouraged him to pursue someone he didn’t need to sneak around with.

Holly urged Tate to consider Sophia seriously, but Tate reaffirmed that Holly was the one he truly wanted.

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He almost declared his love before a bell cut him off, leading him to instead seal his feelings with a passionate kiss, showing his commitment to making their relationship work.

Post their conversation, as Holly headed to class, Tate seemed optimistic about finding a solution to their situation.

Meanwhile, Theresa Donovan was shocked to return home to an apartment overflowing with boxes, which Alex Kiriakis confessed were the result of his lavish spending spree.

Theresa and Alex make out amid delivery boxes in their apartment

Alex justified his expenditures as a way to cope with the revelation that Justin Kiriakis was not his biological father, somewhat easing his pain.

He even shouted a message of forgiveness towards Victor Kiriakis in heaven, hoping his sentiments were directed correctly.

Among his extravagant purchases were a high-end espresso machine, a drone, a hybrid Ferrari, and matching diamond-encrusted watches for himself and Theresa.

Surrounded by delivery boxes at their apartment, Alex holds out a square wooden box to Theresa. She marvels at it.

Alex revealed plans to relocate these items to the Kiriakis mansion once Julie Williams, Doug Williams, and their children vacated, offering to finance Theresa’s stay in the apartment alone.

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Theresa rejected this, admitting to her manipulative actions which had backfired, pleading with Alex to confirm it wasn’t too late for their relationship.

As Theresa initiated a romantic encounter, urging Alex to reciprocate her feelings, the scene turned intimate with music setting the mood.

Elsewhere, Brady Black returned from a business trip in Chicago to the townhouse, bringing back Marlena Evans’ favorite perfume as a late Mother’s Day present.

At the townhouse, Marlena holds up a square black gift box. She grins at Brady

Brady voiced his worries about Alex spending excessive time with Rachel Black, labeling Alex as a poor influence, although Marlena viewed Alex differently.

Brady also had Marlena witness the signing of trust documents ensuring financial security for Tate and Rachel, utilizing the funds Maggie Kiriakis redistributed after Victor’s will changes.

Brady expressed distrust towards Konstantin Meleounis, suspecting him of opportunism, which Marlena agreed with and later discussed with John Black privately.

Brady holds out a file to Marlena. With crossed arms, she gravely regards it

At The Bistro, Kristen updated Stefan on the new evidence linking Gil Carter to Li Shin’s murder through fingerprints found in Li’s blood on the infamous black book, hinting at a potential exoneration for Gabi Hernandez DiMera.

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Rafe and Jada Hunter arrived to collect employment records from the time of Li’s death, aiming to clear Gabi’s name, with Stefan pledging his full cooperation.

Despite many former employees no longer working there, Rafe committed to pursuing leads to aid Gabi’s case.

Rafe and Jada sternly face Stefan in the Bistro

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that hope remains for Gabi’s eventual release, promising more compelling developments to follow.

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