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The investigation into Li’s death intensified on DAYS

Rafe is determined to prove Gabi’s innocence, but E.J. is blocking his path. In the Wednesday, May 15 episode of Days of Our Lives, Rafe questioned Ava and promised to exhaust all […]

Rafe is determined to prove Gabi’s innocence, but E.J. is blocking his path.

In the Wednesday, May 15 episode of Days of Our Lives, Rafe questioned Ava and promised to exhaust all avenues to clear Gabi’s name.

Like a Bloodhound, Rafe Is On The Case

At Wendy and Tripp’s apartment, Ava let Rafe in as he was investigating the place where both Li and Gil were killed.

He theorized that it was Gil who murdered Li and that a hapless Gabi found Li’s body and stupidly grabbed the knife. But he further questioned Ava’s association with Gil.

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However, she didn’t say anything about Clyde forcing her to work with the henchman.

Instead, she played up the fact that he was a creep who tried to assault her, so she killed him in self-defense, which brought tears to her eyes.

Rafe also wondered why Stefan would take the fall for her, asking if they were having an affair.

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Rafe gravely faces EJ who looks over a file. Kristen and Stefan observe

Sure, Ava and Stefan had a one-night stand, but the worst thing for her is going to be when it’s eventually revealed that she was an unwilling part of the drug scheme to begin with.

There’s going to be a lot of backlash, especially from Nicole, who will surely blame her for Holly’s overdose.

Rafe started to connect the dots, wondering why Gil was there in the first place.

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Despite Ava sticking to her story, Rafe didn’t wholly believe her and said he was determined to get to the bottom of it and uncover the real truth.

He theorized that Gil went to the apartment to kill her, and Li happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let’s not forget that Li’s last word was “Gabi,” which everyone took to mean that she stabbed him.

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E.J.’s hard line was to be expected, but it makes for an entertaining story to see how the characters are going to get around his obtuse nature and make him reopen the case.

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Clearly, Rafe is going to work even harder to prove Gabi’s innocence.

Chad Started Connecting the Dots

Chad brought Thomas to work with him, and the boy said he wanted to be a reporter like his late mother, Abigail.

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Coincidentally, Nicole found one of Abigail’s notebooks in the false bottom of a drawer.

Chad recognized Abby’s handwriting and said that it was full of stats about overdoses, drug arrests, violent crime data, and more, which he’d never seen before.

A quick call to Jack revealed that before she died, Abigail was about to blow something “heavy” wide open, but she didn’t tell him what it was.

Chad theorized that the notes were about the increased drug trade in Salem.

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They were left with the question: Abby was on to Clyde, but did he know about it? Obviously, this changes Clyde’s story about why he killed her if he did indeed know she was on to him.

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The dots connecting Li’s murder, Clyde’s drug operation, and more are finally being connected.

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