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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail’s Buried Clyde Story Revealed – EJ Keeps Gabi Behind Bars

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 15: Nicole DiMera discussed her issues with Holly Jonas and the past custody drama with Chloe Lane with EJ DiMera. Nicole had hoped […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 15:

Nicole DiMera discussed her issues with Holly Jonas and the past custody drama with Chloe Lane with EJ DiMera.

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Nicole had hoped to raise their child from the beginning but admitted to EJ that it wasn’t possible, leaving him looking guilty as she departed.

At The Spectator, Eric Brady found Thomas DiMera in the office and discovered he was there with Chad DiMera for Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Thomas aspired to be a reporter like Abigail DiMera and was working on a school story, so Eric gave him a camera to practice with.

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Later, Nicole arrived at work and found a notebook hidden in the false bottom of her desk drawer.

Chad recognized Abigail’s handwriting and noted that the last entry was made a few weeks before her death.

After reviewing the information Abigail had gathered, Chad called Jack Deveraux and learned Abby was investigating something significant.

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Chad believed Abigail was close to exposing a drug operation in Salem and wondered if Clyde Weston knew she was onto him.

In the park, Sloan Petersen-Brady found a drunk Leo Stark and urged him to move past his heartbreak.

Sloan mentioned that Nicole was coping well without Jude Brady and advised Leo to let go of his guilt.

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Leo struggled with this and questioned why EJ had bought his silence and hadn’t taken Jude back, but Sloan insisted he honor his agreement with EJ.

Rafe Hernandez met with Ava Vitali at the apartment where Li Shin and Gil Carter were found dead.

Rafe believed the deaths were connected and suggested that Gil had come looking for Ava on the day Li was killed.

Rafe gravely faces EJ who looks over a file. Kristen and Stefan observe

Ava felt guilty about Wendy Shin’s brother dying because of her, but Rafe thought Li was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rafe didn’t fully believe Ava’s story and asked why Stefan had covered for her.

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When Rafe questioned if Ava and Stefan were having an affair, she insisted that Gabi Hernandez DiMera was the only woman Stefan loved.

Rafe couldn’t understand why Gil visited Ava at the apartment instead of the restaurant, but Ava explained that it was so he could assault her privately.

Despite Ava’s emotional explanation, Rafe remained skeptical but agreed to accept her story for now.

He vowed to keep digging since Gabi’s freedom was at stake.

After canceling her shift at the pub, Ava left a voicemail for Harris Michaels, visibly upset.

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She was shaken by the discussion about Gil and unsure how to explain to Wendy that she might have been responsible for Li’s death, hoping Rafe’s theory was wrong.

Rafe, Stefan, and Kristen DiMera later gathered at the DiMera mansion with EJ, who was briefed on the new evidence Rafe had found.

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