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Days of Our Lives Recap: Sarah Hesitates on Xander’s Ring – Maggie’s Trap Fools Konstantin

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, May 16, reveals that Sarah Horton returned home and followed a scavenger hunt that Xander Cook had set up for her. At the end […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, May 16, reveals that Sarah Horton returned home and followed a scavenger hunt that Xander Cook had set up for her.

On one knee, Xander holds out a ring box to a hesitant Sarah.

At the end of the hunt, Sarah found an engagement ring box. Xander then brought out Victoria Horton-Cook and used her bib to propose to Sarah.

Xander eventually got down on one knee and formally proposed, but Sarah couldn’t accept the ring.

Xander worried that Sarah was rejecting him, but she clarified that the ring was just too extravagant.

Xander explained that since Maggie Kiriakis had redistributed Victor Kiriakis’ will, he was able to set up a trust for Victoria and had plenty of money left over for the ring.

After Xander convinced Sarah not to feel guilty about wearing the ring, she asked him to get back down on one knee for a proposal do-over.

This time, Sarah happily accepted the ring, and they kissed as they looked forward to their future together.

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At the pub, Steve Johnson and Kayla Johnson caught up with Jada Hunter, who informed them about Clyde Weston’s black book.

Steve offered to have his ISA connections look into the code inside the book.

Although Jada mentioned that Harris Michaels had his old naval team looking into it, she appreciated the offer and planned to tell Rafe Hernandez.

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In the town square, Maggie and Konstantin Meleounis encountered Theresa Donovan and Alex Kiriakis.

Konstantin suggested that Alex should get Theresa an engagement ring.

Konstantin even proposed the idea of a double wedding, but Maggie was sure that Theresa and Alex had their own plans.

Maggie later complained about Alex slacking off at work before announcing that she was heading to the office.

While Alex was off buying a gift for Theresa, Maggie scolded Konstantin for all the engagement ring talk, but he insisted she keep her end of the bargain.

Afterward, Alex returned with an expensive bracelet, dazzling Theresa before they ended up in bed together.

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When Theresa said she was crazy about Alex, he didn’t have much to say in response and suggested that actions speak louder than words.

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Theresa seemed a little uneasy as she hopped in the shower.

This gave Alex a chance to call Kristen DiMera and make plans for the next day.

Alex was eager to see Kristen again, keeping secrets from Theresa about who he was still drawn to.

At the townhouse, John Black and Marlena Evans had a strategy session with Maggie.

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Maggie shared her clever idea to set Konstantin up for embezzlement.

Since Alex wasn’t paying attention at Titan, Maggie predicted she could move some funds around to make it look like Konstantin had been stealing money for months.

Maggie hinted about asking Konstantin for a favor that would leave him eager, then rejoined him in the town square. She asked him to oversee a charitable trust that would distribute money to Victor’s favorite causes.

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Konstantin seemed touched that Maggie would trust him with such an important task and expressed his gratitude.

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