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Days of Our Lives Recap: Eric Finds Drunk Sloan, Triggers Everett’s Buried Past & Wild Move

Days of Our Lives Recap Roman Brady revealed that Ava Vitali passed the test, so she officially got the job at the pub after her trial run. Kate Roberts Brady saw the […]

Days of Our Lives Recap

Roman Brady revealed that Ava Vitali passed the test, so she officially got the job at the pub after her trial run.

Kate Roberts Brady saw the interaction and cornered Ava alone to warn her against trying to take over the place.

She also warned that if Harris Michaels didn’t manage to get Lucas Horton out of prison, she’d take matters into her own hands.

In Tuesday’s episode, Chad DiMera visited Steve Johnson’s office with some news clippings and Abigail DiMera’s journal, which could prove that Clyde Weston specifically planned her downfall.

Steve suggested Chad give the journal to the police, but Chad doubted they’d care since Clyde had already been convicted.

Chad was more interested in uncovering why Clyde targeted Abigail, so Steve agreed to investigate and find Clyde.

Later, Steve met with Ava and assured her he wouldn’t interfere if she decided to eliminate Clyde. If Clyde ended up dead instead of arrested, so be it.

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When Ava was alone, she called Harris and got a positive update on the progress his naval friends were making.

Ava told Harris she’d send him the encrypted email once Clyde made contact and expressed her eagerness to see him again.

After Eric Brady stopped by the pub to pick up some pumpkin pie for dessert, Roman refused to charge him and suggested he could repay him with visits from Jude Brady instead.

Everett glowers over Eric. Eric is turned away from Everett with his hand over his face.

Meanwhile, EJ DiMera told Sloan Petersen-Brady that he caught Nicole DiMera and Eric kissing, so he wanted to raise Jude with his wife and cut off Nicole’s connection to Eric.

EJ was confident this would happen and predicted that Nicole would quit her job to focus on Jude once she got him back.

Sloan reminded EJ that Eric was Jude’s biological father, but EJ insisted that secret would never come out.

If Sloan revealed it, EJ threatened to have her imprisoned for kidnapping, emotional distress, and bribery.

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EJ proposed helping Sloan flee the country with a new identity, passport, and substantial bank account if she stayed quiet about the paternity.

Otherwise, they’d both go down, but EJ wouldn’t end up in prison like her.

Sloan asked for time to consider giving up Jude and accepting EJ’s offer, so he gave her 24 hours.

When Eric returned home, he was surprised to find both Sloan and Jude missing.

He called Roman and learned that Sloan had dropped Jude off at the pub, leaving him confused. Kate told Roman that if Harris didn’t help Lucas, she would take action herself.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad wanted to talk to EJ, both his brother and the acting DA.

EJ didn’t reveal he’d been fired and let Chad speak.

Chad showed EJ Abigail’s journal and explained why he believed Clyde targeted her, noting her imminent exposure of his early drug operations.

Chad felt responsible since Clyde had other issues with Abigail, dating back to her affair with Chad and the ensuing paternity drama.

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EJ reassured Chad that Clyde alone was responsible for Abigail’s fate and said he had people tracking Clyde. EJ promised to do everything in his power to avenge Abigail, and Chad appreciated it.

EJ supported Chad as he faced his fears and entered Abigail’s old bedroom.

At the Spectator, Stephanie Johnson told Everett Lynch about EJ getting fired and replaced with Melinda Trask.

Leo Stark hinted it had been a rough week for the former district attorney.

Later, Leo joined Everett and Stephanie at Small Bar for drinks but felt like a third wheel.

He became interested when he saw Sloan drinking nearby. Eric arrived and tried to take a drunk Sloan home, but she refused.

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