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Days of Our Lives Recap: Everett and Bobby Switch – EJ’s Mayoral Plot

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, May 23, detail that Eric Brady encountered Marlena Evans outside the pub, where she noticed he was concealing a bruise with his sunglasses. Eric […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers recap for Thursday, May 23, detail that Eric Brady encountered Marlena Evans outside the pub, where she noticed he was concealing a bruise with his sunglasses.

Eric recounted what happened with Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, before heading home with Jude Brady.

Meanwhile, Melinda Trask received updates about the difficult position EJ DiMera had placed Sloan Petersen-Brady in.

Sloan sought help to find a way out, but Melinda believed EJ had the upper hand and pleaded with Sloan to keep her name out of the situation.

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When Eric returned with Jude in his stroller, Melinda left.

Eric sat down with Sloan to discuss her drunken behavior at the bar, wondering if he’d done something wrong.

Sloan reassured Eric that he hadn’t and ultimately revealed the truth about Jude – that he wasn’t their child.

Eric knew Jude wasn’t biologically theirs, but Sloan insisted he wasn’t theirs in any way since he actually belonged to EJ and Nicole DiMera.

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After Sloan claimed Nicole and EJ’s baby was still alive, she reiterated that Jude was theirs, leaving Eric horrified and in tears.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ was surprised to see Nicole up early, but she mentioned her hangover was fading.

Nicole wanted to check on EJ after seeing a news article online about Paulina Price firing him.

EJ was fine, but he suggested Paulina’s latest move might be the final straw for her constituents.

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Determined to get a recall petition and force a new election, EJ was confident he’d win easily.

Nicole expressed concern about the extra workload, but EJ felt he could delegate and said he’d mainly be a figurehead as mayor.

EJ also encouraged Nicole, saying she’d patch things up with Holly Jonas and any child would be proud to call her their mother, promising she’d have that again soon.

EJ later received a call from one of his spies, learning Eric had taken Jude home.

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Upon discovering Melinda had left, EJ said the next person to leave that apartment should be Sloan, heading to see him.

At The Spectator, Stephanie Johnson informed Chad DiMera that Everett had been arrested at Small Bar, but she defended him, saying he misread the situation.

At his Spectator desk, a confused Chad looks up at Stephanie

Stephanie revealed she paid Everett’s bail and he’d be released soon, but Chad was still worried about Everett’s aggressive behavior history.

Chad needed to pick up Thomas DiMera from soccer practice, so Stephanie agreed to stay at the office until Everett arrived.

At the Salem PD, Jada Hunter was shocked to learn Everett had been arrested the previous night.

With his hands cuffed behind his back in the interrogation room, Everett glowers at Rafe. An unbothered Rafe regards him as Jada and Marlena observe

The paperwork noted that although his ID said Everett, he claimed his name was Robert Stein.

Jada and Rafe Hernandez were puzzled, so they called Marlena for assistance.

Next, Jada approached Bobby in his jail cell.

Bobby immediately flirted with Jada, but Rafe interrupted, handcuffed Bobby, and took him to the interrogation room.

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There, he insisted his name was Bobby but reverted to Everett when Marlena arrived.

Everett was confused about why he was at the police station and why Marlena was there.

When Marlena asked why Everett attacked Eric, Everett admitted he didn’t remember doing it.

After Everett’s bail was posted, Rafe removed his handcuffs.

Everett seemed to morph back into Bobby, no longer wanting to continue his therapy session with Marlena.

Bobby then bolted from the Salem PD without collecting his belongings, and Marlena told Jada and Rafe she had a good idea of what was going on with Everett.

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Marlena will work to help Everett and Bobby integrate into one personality, so stay tuned for predictions on the process. is your go-to source for sizzling Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news, so make us your primary DOOL source.