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Sloan’s Half-Truth Helps EJ Win Big on Days of Our Lives

Sloan caved to EJ’s demands and disclosed the shocking truth to Eric. After attempting to find a solution with Melinda to EJ’s ultimatum in the May 23 episode of Days of Our […]

Sloan caved to EJ’s demands and disclosed the shocking truth to Eric.

After attempting to find a solution with Melinda to EJ’s ultimatum in the May 23 episode of Days of Our Lives, Sloan had no choice but to reveal the truth about baby Jude.

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Meanwhile, EJ is aiming for the mayor’s position.

Sloan Confessed Everything

A panicked Sloan had Melinda hurriedly come to her apartment and told her that EJ gave her 24 hours to tell Eric that Jude is Nicole’s not-dead baby.

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EJ demanded she keep secret that her husband is the bio dad because he thinks the baby will cement his marriage to Nicole.

Melinda asked her to keep her name out of it, and Sloan reassured her that she personally took care of all the adoption paperwork.

After racking their brains, Melinda realized that EJ had Sloan beat.

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She told Melinda about how EJ would set her up with a new identity in a new country but considered telling Eric he was the bio daddy since it wasn’t fair that he didn’t know.

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It’s too little, too late for Sloan, who maybe shouldn’t have stolen the child in the first place.

Melinda rightly talked her out of it, and Sloan had no recourse.

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For master schemers, it’s surprising that Sloan and Melinda couldn’t have come up with a solution, but everyone knows Melinda’s one of the worst lawyers in Salem.

Knowing that Stefan has skated on his own charges, which probably meant he had something on EJ, they should have gone to him and collaborated about blackmailing his brother into leaving Sloan and the baby alone.

When Eric returned later, it was difficult, but she told him that the baby was Nicole’s presumed dead child.

In an emotional moment, once those words came out of her mouth, Eric turned from looking at Jude, and a single tear ran down his cheek.

This was a great yet subtle piece of acting from Vaughan, and it really tugged at the viewers’ heartstrings.

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EJ Has Grand Plans

Nicole, still hungover, read the Spectator article about Mayor Paulina firing her husband.

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EJ was resolved to turn things around and decided to form a recall election and get the mayor ousted whilst installing himself in her place.

He called his secretary Rita and set things up. Then, he and Nicole planned to have a quiet day together.

When she once again bemoaned the horrible things Holly said to her, he promised her that she’d get another chance to be a good mother.

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Smug EJ knows he beat Sloan, and it’s only a matter of time before he starts gloating and hopes Nicole will heal by learning that her baby is alive and grow closer to him.

He’s starting to get power-mad, and with one foot figuratively on Sloan’s throat, he’s going to cut a swath through Salem, trampling Paulina, until he attains his ultimate goal of becoming the mayor.

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