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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava Goes Rogue, Jada & Stephanie In Danger and Eric Blasts Leo

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks, May 27 to June 7, reveal that Nicole DiMera will have a lot to process as Eric Brady provides more details on […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks, May 27 to June 7, reveal that Nicole DiMera will have a lot to process as Eric Brady provides more details on how Sloan Petersen-Brady abducted Jude Brady.

Although Nicole will be furious over Sloan’s deception, her main focus will be on reconnecting with Jude and sharing the good news with Holly Jonas soon.

During the week of May 27-31, Nicole and EJ DiMera will spend some quality time with Jude, after which EJ will boast to Kristen DiMera about reuniting with his son.

Kristen, being sharp, might suspect something is off. If she uncovers EJ’s paternity lie, she could leverage it to become the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Sloan will vanish, leaving Eric and Rafe Hernandez searching for her, but she’ll soon show up at the DiMera mansion to confront Nicole.

Despite Sloan’s apologies and excuses, Nicole won’t be receptive and will slap Sloan in anger.

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Melinda Trask will also be interrogated due to her involvement in Jude’s fraudulent adoption. Rafe will doubt her innocence, but she might evade punishment for now.

Other spoilers indicate that Ava Vitali will reunite with Harris Michaels to capture Clyde Weston, who’s hiding in Montana.

Lucas Horton will get involved after encountering Rebecca Goldman, a corrupt cop and Clyde’s girlfriend.

Lucas will join Ava and Harris in their Montana pursuit, while Steve Johnson and John Black might not be far behind.

Back in Salem, Bonnie Kiriakis will return, bringing her usual fun energy.

Additionally, Alex Kiriakis will struggle to stay away from Kristen’s bed, leading Theresa Donovan to confront him about their ongoing affair.

Alex might lie to smooth things over but will eventually discuss his predicament with Marlena Evans during a therapy session.

Marlena will also attempt an intervention for Everett Lynch, aka Robert “Bobby” Stein, but things won’t go as planned, potentially leading to further complications with his personalities.

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Stefan DiMera, needing a new manager at The Bistro, will offer the job to Theresa, who might accept it as she seeks a new career path.

Eric will find Leo Stark and express his anger over the latest Jude-related drama. Although Leo will apologize, he might still have questions about EJ’s actions.

During the week of June 3-7, the search for Clyde will intensify. As Harris’s storyline nears its end, he might face grave danger, potentially leading to his demise.

Ava’s attempt to permanently eliminate Clyde instead of imprisoning him could backfire, resulting in a fatal mistake for Harris.

The Everett and Bobby situation might become more perilous as he continues to switch personalities.

Rumors suggest Jada and possibly Stephanie could be kidnapped, causing more chaos.

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the next two weeks hint at trouble for several characters, so stay tuned for more updates and predictions. is your top source for the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, predictions, updates, and news.

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