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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava’s Body Bag for Clyde – Steve Uncovers Goldman’s Fake Name

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 29, reveal that Marlena Evans and John Black were busy picking out gifts for Jude Brady before John made a reservation for dinner with […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, May 29, reveal that Marlena Evans and John Black were busy picking out gifts for Jude Brady before John made a reservation for dinner with Sloan Petersen-Brady and Eric Brady.

When Marlena tried contacting Eric, he didn’t answer and texted back saying he couldn’t attend.

Feeling concerned, Marlena called Chad DiMera, discovering that Eric was also missing from work.

Marlena then attempted to call Sloan, only to find her number disconnected. She and John eventually went to Eric’s apartment.

Eric answered the door looking disheveled and shared updates about the situation with Jude.

Marlena and John thought food might cheer Eric up, but he wasn’t interested and just pushed his food around when they met at the town square.

Sitting on the bench in the Square, a somber Eric leans forward. Next to him, John rests his hand on his shoulders

John and Marlena insisted that Nicole DiMera would help keep Eric in Jude’s life, although Eric felt he needed to distance himself.

When Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, showed up and apologized for hitting Eric at Small Bar, Eric left in a hurry.

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Marlena later contacted Jada Hunter to organize an intervention for Everett, prompting Jada to message Stephanie about it.

In the Square, Marlena faces Everett with a stricken expression

Meanwhile, in Montana, Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels were pleased about securing a motel room during trout season.

Lucas Horton also joined them, opting to sleep on a cot and stating his intent not to intrude.

Harris reminded Lucas that his role was to drive and keep watch.

They discussed their plan to capture Clyde Weston and possibly secure a permanent release for Lucas from prison if successful.

There was a mention of a librarian recognizing Rebecca Goldman’s photo, who seemed to have accessed crucial images on a library computer before printing them.

Believing Clyde was hiding in the woods, Harris suggested they could track down Goldman to lead them to Clyde.

At the pub, Steve Johnson had dinner with Jada Hunter, inquiring about Harris’s sudden leave and Ava’s involvement.

Steve voiced his concerns about Stephanie and Everett’s relationship. Jada, hesitant to delve into Everett’s personal issues, reassured that he wouldn’t hurt Stephanie physically.

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Jada enjoyed a gluten-free bun with her burger, which she convinced Roman Brady to use, mentioning it was recommended by Goldman due to her celiac disease.

After Jada left, Steve uncovered important information and reached out to Ava. He learned about a shipment of bread scheduled for Faith Silvers in Montana, linking it to Goldman.

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Steve urged Ava to be cautious, worrying for her safety, while Ava reassured him and secretly armed herself, determined to deal with Clyde decisively.

Returning with snacks, Harris and Lucas rejoined Ava, who remained silent about Steve’s discoveries.

Steve then contacted Chad, expressing confidence in Harris’s ability to handle the situation and hinting at a preference for Clyde’s fate.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Ava’s plan to permanently neutralize Clyde will introduce significant twists, urging viewers to stay tuned for more updates and spoilers from the show.

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