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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Love, Loss, and Life-Altering Changes

Discover what lies ahead for your favorite Salem characters. During the week of June 3 – June 7 on Days of Our Lives, the spoilers highlight the smaller details of life: the […]

Discover what lies ahead for your favorite Salem characters.

During the week of June 3 – June 7 on Days of Our Lives, the spoilers highlight the smaller details of life: the repercussions of the baby switch, a sham wedding, and characters caught in delicate situations.

Baby Switch Update

This baby switch story isn’t over just yet.

There are still a couple of components to be dealt with, including Jude’s true paternity, sweeping up the criminal elements, and sending them to prison.

On that note, Rafe takes action against Melinda for her part in the baby switch.

Later, EJ confronts the Salem DA on her knowledge of Jude’s true parentage.

Oh, she knows it all, EJ. That means trouble for you.

EJ also has to watch out for Leo, who is starting to put two and two together, which means an additional bribe to keep quiet for him, right?

Elsewhere, Kate consoles Roman over the loss of Jude.

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Also, a potentially powerful conversation between Eric and Nicole happens when they have an emotional talk about Jude.

Perfectly Acceptable Situation

Whoa — what’s going on here? After years of going from woman to woman, seeing a single Brady who’s not entangled in a messy relationship has been nice.

Plus, he’s been working on being a good parent and a better person. Someone who doesn’t pull a gun on his ex.

But it’s clear he feels something for Theresa all over again. In fact, they’ve been sparking for a while now.

Unsurprisingly, things heat up between Theresa and Brady. To make the situation even better, Alex discovers Theresa and Brady in a compromising position.

But Alex shouldn’t feel angry or betrayed over this hook-up, right? After all, he’s been vocal about dating Kristen and Theresa.

What’s the saying? What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander?

Odds and Ends

Okay, here’s a bit of a mystery. Chad receives life-altering news. What could this even mean?

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He’s been thinking about Abigail a lot lately. Does this have to do with her memory or her journal?

Or is this about something else entirely?

You know, Chad would certainly perk up if Abby’s murderer — Clyde Weston — was captured and thrown back into prison, where he belongs.

Rafe has been busy with the baby swap sitch, but his main concern is getting his sister Gabi out of prison.

Look for Rafe and Stefan to brainstorm ways to prove Gabi’s innocence. Can these two collectively come up with solid ideas?

Finally, Xander’s life is going so well. He has a great family in Sarah and Victoria, and he and Sarah are about to get married again.

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There’s one little hitch. Sarah’s referred to a secret wedding surprise.

It turns out Xander’s not entirely on board with it. Does the surprise involve Sarah reaching out to someone from Xander’s past?

Xander and Sarah also have to deal with Maggie’s wedding to Konstantin, where there’s sure to be drama, considering Maggie knows Konstantin is a Konman.

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