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Days of Our Lives Recap: Melinda Arrested – Nicole Smacks Sloan – Bobby & Jada’s Encounter

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers recap for Friday, May 31, highlights that Stephanie Johnson visited Marlena Evans’ office seeking advice before the intervention for Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” […]

The “Days of Our Lives” spoilers recap for Friday, May 31, highlights that Stephanie Johnson visited Marlena Evans’ office seeking advice before the intervention for Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein.

Who Is Stephanie Johnson and What Is Her Days of our Lives History?

Marlena provided guidance and assured her of support if Stephanie and Jada Hunter needed any assistance.

In the meantime, Everett, under the guise of Bobby, had a dream where Jada discovered him in the shower, sharing her troubling dream.

Despite Jada’s concerns that Bobby was actually Everett, he reassured her and passionately kissed her.

The dream took a turn when Stephanie confronted them, causing Everett to wake up alarmed.

Soon after, he answered the door to find Jada, followed shortly by Stephanie, suggesting the timing was more than just coincidental.

Jada and Stephanie were there because Marlena suspected Everett might have dissociative identity disorder.

Steve&KaylaFans on X: "#Days 5/31/24 The best part of this story is seeing  Stephanie and Jada in a story together. I wish we'd see them together more  but I hope their friendship

A suggestion that angered Everett, who attributed his memory issues to injuries from a car accident.

The situation escalated when Bobby, asserting his protective role, denied Everett needed to face his past traumas.

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Stephanie attempted to reach Everett, believing he was still present, but Bobby resisted and demanded that both women leave.

Steve&KaylaFans on X: "#Days You think the secret is coming out next week?  I don't think the secret is coming out next week. I wish they'd just give  us more Stephanie and

Elsewhere, at the DiMera mansion, EJ DiMera discussed with Nicole DiMera the need to choose a new name for Jude Brady, though Nicole liked the name Jude and noted his familiarity with it.

Reluctantly, she agreed to consider a change after EJ insisted.

After departing with Jude, EJ encountered Marlena outside the pub, where she expressed a sad demeanor but congratulated him, grateful for his appreciation of her support.

Later, Marlena joined Jada and Stephanie for Everett’s intervention. Bobby’s condition worsened, leading to a severe headache and increased agitation.

Marlena managed to calm him down, but he agreed to go to the hospital, muttering about keeping Everett suppressed, which left Stephanie anxious about possibly never seeing Everett again.

Melinda Trask successfully diverted Rafe Hernandez’s suspicions, convincing him of her non-involvement in the Jude handoff and lack of motive to assist Sloan Petersen-Brady.

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At the town square, Eric Brady aggressively confronted Leo Stark about his silence regarding Jude’s situation.

Despite Leo’s denials of knowing Sloan’s whereabouts, Eric forcefully dismissed him from the scene.

Leo visited Melinda’s office, worried about police pursuit, but she reassured him after having dissuaded Rafe from further action.

However, when Rafe returned, he presented evidence of Melinda’s involvement in a fraudulent adoption and arrested her.

Leo also reconsidered his previous arrangement with EJ, questioning the logic behind EJ’s payment for his silence about Nicole’s child being alive, suspecting more to the story.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was shocked when Sloan unexpectedly appeared.

Although Sloan appeared remorseful and insisted she hadn’t intended to steal the baby, Nicole was enraged and predicted Sloan’s downfall, striking her in frustration.

Nicole accused Sloan of stealing six months with Jude, berating her for making Nicole seem irrational.

Sloan retorted by labeling Nicole a hypocrite for her past actions with Sydney DiMera.

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As Nicole prepared to call the police, Sloan tried to leave, only to be stopped by Eric at the doorway.

This episode sets the stage for further developments, and viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for more updates and surprises on “Days of Our Lives, click