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B&B Recap: Li barges into Bill’s home unannounced and insists on conducting the paternity test herself, while Ridge stands firm on keeping Hope’s fashion line.

Monday, June 3, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Katie and RJ receive an unexpected visitor, Carter finds himself in a tight spot, and Brooke vents to Eric and Donna about […]

Monday, June 3, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Katie and RJ receive an unexpected visitor, Carter finds himself in a tight spot, and Brooke vents to Eric and Donna about Steffy.

Friday’s Early B&B recap: Katie’s Disturbed That Bill Might be Luna’s Dad, Brooke Makes an Accusation and Luna & Bill Prepare to Take a DNA Test

At Bill’s place, he and Luna share a hopeful embrace, wishing for the test to confirm he is her father.

After a few heartfelt moments, Poppy hands them the test, assuring them it’s easy to use.


At the Design office, Katie asks RJ how long he’s known Poppy when Li interrupts to find Steffy.

RJ tells her she’s in a meeting.


Since she decides to wait, Katie pulls her in to tell her Poppy’s claiming Luna’s Bill’s kid.

Li narrows her eyes and calls her sister a manipulative opportunist.

A golddigger. Katie raises her eyebrows.

RJ and Katie are stunned.

Poppy will make sure this ends today.

Through gritted teeth, RJ tells her Poppy is with Luna at Bill’s.

Once she’s gone, RJ says Poppy isn’t without faults but he doesn’t agree with her sister that Poppy’s a golddiger.

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In the Forrester CEO office, Carter sides with Steffy that the HFTF numbers are tanking.

Steffy maintains that the line needs to be dropped.

Brooke begs Ridge to do something.


Carter says nothing is set in stone yet.

Steffy asks Brooke to leave so she restates that she’s on Hope’s side and Ridge assures her he’ll handle this before Brooke goes.

Steffy reminds the blonde that this is business.


Hope gets Carter to remind Steffy about how Brooke’s BeLief continues to bring huge dividends, as well as her old bedroom line.

She feels Steffy’s disrespecting her family and wants to eliminate the Logan influence.

It sounds to her like a personal vendetta and she asks what contributions Stefy’s made to the company.


Ridge tries to stop things from getting ugly while Carter says they both know what good both lines have done for the company.

Steffy asks her dad if he’s siding with Brooke and Hope and he looks down. He thinks pulling the plug is a bad idea.

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Carter agrees—they should wait until next quarter to see how the numbers are.

Ridge and Carter have a meeting so he asks the women to try to figure this out. Hope says she thought they could work together but she was wrong.


Donna wanders the mansion and looks at a family photo when Eric returns from his workout.

He feels he’s earned three extremely dry martinis.

She laughs and corrects him. “One.”

She tells him about Steffy’s threat to cancel Hope For The Future. Eric’s shocked.

Brooke arrives at Eric and Donna’s manse to fill them in about the meeting and on Steffy being in for a rude awakening if she thinks she can cancel the line without a fight.


Eric’s upset with the possible cancellation news and Donna grumbles that Brooke’s done more for the company than Steffy.

Brooke can only think about Hope and how this is wrong. Eric calls Steffy a good co-CEO and Ridge has to agree on her decisions. Brooke hopes he doesn’t.


Before Bill and Luna can take the test, Li bursts into Bill’s house and tells the trio to hold on.

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She knows what they’re up to.

Poppy tells her sister there’s nothing to be worried about but Li disagrees.


Kelly’s his granddaughter and she’s protecting family.

She calls her sister a golddigger and Bill tells her she’s off base.

Poppy agrees. Poppy pulls something from her purse and says she’ll oversee the paternity test to ensure the results are accurate.


It’s the same DNA test but Li says hers is sealed.

Bill and Poppy agree she’s being disrespectful but she’s a professional.

Poppy only wants her kid to know the truth.


Li does too. Poppy asks how she dares to treat her this way.

Luna sides with her mom. Poppy asks her sister to leave but Bill wants her to stay.

They’ve nothing to hide.


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