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Days of Our Lives: Clyde Is Far from a Happy Camper

Harris and Ava close in on Clyde, raising the moral dilemma of whether she should kill the villain. In the June 4 episode of Days of Our Lives, Ava, Harris, and Lucas […]

Harris and Ava close in on Clyde, raising the moral dilemma of whether she should kill the villain.

In the June 4 episode of Days of Our Lives, Ava, Harris, and Lucas finally corner Clyde.

Meanwhile, several characters grapple with the ethics of killing bad guys.

Kayla Was a Very Unhappy Camper

Steve had his bag and gun ready to go when Chad showed up demanding to tag along and even prepped his private jet for their trip to Montana to finally nab Clyde.

But then Kayla arrived at the apartment and was not happy to learn of their plan. Chad went to the plane while Kayla chewed out her husband for planning to run off and kill Clyde.

After much badgering, Steve finally acquiesced and agreed not to go, which was fortunate because Chad had already taken off in his plane anyway.

The moral question of whether Clyde deserved to die was debated by the couple.

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Steve has killed more than his fair share of bad guys over the years, and Clyde’s no different.

Harris and Ava Were Moderately Happy Campers

While Ava and Lucas were attempting to interrogate Goldman, Ava managed to get the villainess’ cell phone and saw a message from Clyde that said, “The happy camper days are over.”

At first, not knowing what it meant, they realized there was a site nearby called the Happy Camper Campground, which was most likely where Clyde was hiding out, and he knew the jig was up.

Ava was about ready to put a bullet in Goldman for having previously kidnapped her son Tripp and his girlfriend, Wendy.

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Lucas intervened and talked Ava out of it, not over any real ethical dilemma, but because he didn’t want to be an accessory to murder since he’d been working hard to get himself out of jail. Smart move.

Simultaneously, Harris continued interrogating the hoodlum named Snake, and after looking at the criminal’s phone tracker, he also uncovered the campground.

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Disguised as Goldman, Ava got the drop on Clyde and was prepared to off him when Harris showed up and attempted to stop her.

Days of Our Lives

Harris is not only one of the good guys; he’s really a good guy. He’s not going to allow Clyde to be murdered right in front of him.

But Ava is well within her rights to dispatch the baddie, considering he said that if he went back to jail, her family would not be safe.

Again, the moral and ethical question about whether a villain should be put down or sent to prison has the characters grappling with the issue.

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But, chances are Clyde has something up his sleeve and will most likely be able to barter his way out of at least being killed.

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