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Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Hot to Trot Again – Will She Bed Finn Next Week?

The Bold and the Beautiful cranks up the seductive music as Hope Logan might make Finn her latest lover on the CBS soap. One kiss is all it took. Hope tells her […]

The Bold and the Beautiful cranks up the seductive music as Hope Logan might make Finn her latest lover on the CBS soap.

One kiss is all it took. Hope tells her rival’s husband that she can’t get enough of him next week, all while they disrobe.

But this seems to unfold so quickly. Is this reality, or are these hallucinations somehow tied to Hope’s headaches? Maybe B&B is showing us wishful thinking in a daydream.

As it stands today, the preview has them going at it hot and heavy, but would B&B have these two play with so much fire, so quickly?

We will know for sure next week, but if these two throw caution and common sense to the wind, this is how it likely plays out.

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan Playing with Fire

The preview shows another quick love affair that kicks off next week between Hope and Finn.

The preview puts Hope back in action with her seductive moves. If you didn’t see Finn’s face, you might think she was tearing Thomas clothes off in the clip just released.

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She’s even saying the same words to Finn she once said in a sensual voice to Thomas during their heated moments.

But Finn is not the Forrester son. More importantly, this time Hope’s conquest has a wife, a woman who is also her long-time rival.

Bold and the Beautiful preview for next week has Steffy very suspicious. She’s concerned and mentions to Hope Logan’s mother that Hope spends a lot of time with Finn lately.

So, if these two are going at it, you can bet Finn’s wife comes busting in, sooner rather than later.

B&B Spoilers: Finn and Hope Spin a Mess

Any way you look at Hope Logan and Finn getting together for lust in the afternoon, it’s bound to become a game changer.

This will disrupt things for both their families if they are caught. And it’s likely not “if” their secret is discovered, but when.

Bold and the Beautiful has Steffy Forrester concerned enough that she might follow her husband next week. The screenshot above is the start of Hope Logan ripping John Finnegan’s clothes off as they get down and busy.

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You can tell by the surroundings that this takes place in Hope’s cabin. So, how will she explain this to her nosey mother or even Finn’s father-in-law if they happen to see John Finnegan’s car at Hope Logan’s house?

Hope Logan’s cabin is on the Logan mansion property, where Brooke and Ridge live.

So, either one of the family members could spot Finn’s car there. Even Liam could come by unannounced and get an eyeful of this betrayal behind Steffy’s back.

And he would make a mad dash to tell her. So, playing with fire is an understatement for what these two are doing in The Bold and the Beautiful preview.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Love Triangle – Probably Not

If Hope Logan and John Finnegan are discovered, in an affair, it’s likely the end of his marriage. Steffy could never look past this betrayal. If it had been anyone else but Hope, well, maybe. But not Finn betraying his wife with Hope.

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But you have to wonder what is going on with Hope these days. She’s turned into a promiscuous woman with very little thought of consequences. But this goes against the grain for Finn, he is not a guy who would cheat on his wife.

Still, if this betrayal happens, it goes deeper than just the Logan daughter and her married doctor lover. Steffy will likely accuse her stepsister of doing this in retaliation for pushing Thomas away and for trying to get rid of HFTF.

Hope’s mother and Ridge won’t be pleased. Not to mention that the workplace environment likely explodes in tension. So, if Hope Logan and Finn bed down for a romp, they are playing with dynamite on the CBS soap.

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