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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Gabi’s Release Breakthrough – Johnny’s Secret Spills – Theresa’s Fatal Threat

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 10 to June 21, reveal that Steve Johnson will be shot amidst an increasingly chaotic wedding scene. The events of […]

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 10 to June 21, reveal that Steve Johnson will be shot amidst an increasingly chaotic wedding scene.

The events of June 10-14 will see Konstantin Meleounis wounding Steve, but Sarah Horton will care for him until he’s transported to a hospital.

During his escape attempt, Konstantin will use Theresa Donovan as a shield, prompting Alex Kiriakis, Brady Black, and Xander Cook to pursue him.

Following a tense confrontation where Xander draws a gun on him, Konstantin will be pressured to disclose his accomplice in the kidnapping of Victoria Horton-Cook.

In an attempt to keep him quiet, Theresa will elbow Konstantin, who in response, almost strangles her.

Although unsuccessful, this incident leaves Theresa terrified as Konstantin warns of another foe within the Kiriakis family, leaving Xander, Alex, and Brady puzzled about his implications.

A DOOL preview reveals Konstantin exposing that Alex is not Victor Kiriakis’ biological son, hinting that Theresa might avoid consequences for her involvement in will forgery for now.

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It’s possible that Konstantin might be shot before he can divulge Theresa’s crimes or choose to withhold the information strategically.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Johnson will learn of Steve’s medical situation and feel relieved that he’s stable.

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Concurrently, Stephanie will receive troubling news from Marlena Evans concerning Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, who has vowed to keep his alter ego hidden.

Marlena may confirm there’s no evidence of Everett’s resurgence, suggesting he might never return, which will emotionally affect Stephanie.

Additional spoilers indicate that Johnny DiMera and Chanel DiMera are anxiously awaiting some critical results regarding their baby.

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Chanel will confront Johnny about his concealed job prospect out of town, leading to a dispute.

Later, Paulina Price will discuss recent tensions with Chanel, who alongside Johnny, might consider relocating for his career, causing Paulina to feel distanced from her daughter.

Yet, with Chanel involved in a bakery and a new plotline with Felicity Greene, she and Johnny ultimately decide to remain in town.

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In other developments, Eric Brady seeks a legal favor from EJ DiMera concerning his divorce from Sloan Petersen.

Leo Stark might face rejection from a jogger named Mark, leaving him feeling unlovable, a sentiment he confides in Marlena.

Upon Clyde Weston’s return to Salem, he will be interrogated by Rafe Hernandez about Li Shin and Gil Carter as Rafe continues to gather evidence to liberate Gabi Hernandez DiMera.

Meanwhile, Chad DiMera contemplates whether Abigail DiMera could still be alive, prompted by Clyde’s intriguing tale.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan DiMera discovers the untouched genetic report in the safe.

Which could potentially expose EJ as not being Jude’s biological father, providing Stefan with potential blackmail material against EJ.

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This discovery might lead to new alliances or betrayals within the DiMera family.

As the week of June 17-21 unfolds, progress might be made regarding Gabi’s release, with Cherie Jimenez set to debut as Gabi, stirring anticipation among fans.

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These two weeks on Days of Our Lives are packed with shocking developments, ensuring viewers stay hooked.

Keep following for more spoilers, updates, and news, making it your essential DOOL resource.