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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Top 10 Victor Newman Highlights in Y&R History

Victor Newman, the powerful tycoon of Genoa City, has been a pivotal character on “The Young and the Restless” since his introduction in 1980. Played by Eric Braeden, Victor has been at […]

Victor Newman, the powerful tycoon of Genoa City, has been a pivotal character on “The Young and the Restless” since his introduction in 1980.

Played by Eric Braeden, Victor has been at the heart of many of the show’s most dramatic and unforgettable storylines.

Here are the top 10 Victor Newman moments that have left an enduring mark on the history of the soap opera.

1. Victor’s Arrival in Genoa City (1980)

Victor Newman first appeared on the canvas as a ruthless businessman. Hired by Katherine Chancellor to run Chancellor Industries, his presence was immediately felt.

His commanding demeanor and shrewd business tactics quickly established him as a character not to be trifled with.

2. Victor and Nikki’s Epic Love Story Begins

Victor and Nikki Newman Reed’s relationship is one of the most iconic romances in daytime television. Their love story began in the early 1980s, characterized by intense passion and frequent turbulence.

From Victor rescuing Nikki from her troubled life to their many weddings and divorces, their saga has been a centerpiece of the show.

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3. The Tower Incident (1984)

In one of the most dramatic moments, Victor imprisoned his then-wife Julia’s lover, Michael Scott, in a bomb shelter. This storyline showcased Victor’s darker side and his capacity for revenge.

It also highlighted his complex nature, blending his ruthless business acumen with deeply personal vendettas.

4. Victor’s Battle with Jack Abbott

Victor’s rivalry with Jack Abbott is legendary. Their battles over Newman Enterprises and Jabot Cosmetics are soap opera gold.

One of the most memorable moments was when Victor famously bought Jack’s family company, Jabot, and then cruelly fired him. This rivalry has spanned decades and continues to fuel some of the show’s best drama.

5. Victor’s Heart Transplant (2008)

Victor’s health crises have always been high-stakes events. In 2008, Victor suffered a heart attack and needed a transplant.

The storyline was emotionally charged, not just for the health implications but also for the ensuing family drama and the questions of legacy and succession at Newman Enterprises.

6. The Death of Sabrina Costelana (2008)

Victor’s whirlwind romance with Sabrina Costelana ended in tragedy when she was killed in a car accident.

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This event was a turning point for Victor, sending him into a deep depression and setting off a series of dramatic events, including his mysterious disappearance and presumed death.

7. Victor Fakes His Own Death (2011)

Victor has often used his cunning to outmaneuver his enemies, but faking his own death took his machinations to new heights. In 2011, Victor staged his demise to gather evidence against his enemies.

The fallout from this act affected everyone in Genoa City, particularly his family, and demonstrated Victor’s willingness to go to extreme lengths for his goals.

8. The Marco Annicelli Impersonation (2015)

One of the most shocking storylines was the revelation that Jack Abbott had been replaced by a doppelgänger, Marco Annicelli, orchestrated by Victor.

This plot twist not only reignited the Victor-Jack feud but also showed Victor’s willingness to endanger others to achieve his objectives.

9. Victor’s Trial and Imprisonment (2016)

Victor’s actions finally caught up with him in 2016 when he was put on trial and sentenced to prison for orchestrating the Marco Annicelli scheme.

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This storyline was significant because it showcased Victor facing real consequences for his actions and the impact of his imprisonment on his family and business.

10. Victor’s Fight with His Children Over Newman Enterprises

Victor’s ongoing battles with his children, particularly Nick and Victoria Newman, over control of Newman Enterprises have provided some of the most emotionally charged scenes.

These conflicts underscore Victor’s complicated role as both a powerful tycoon and a father trying to maintain control over his legacy.


Victor Newman’s journey on “The Young and the Restless” has been a rollercoaster of power struggles, passionate love affairs, and dramatic showdowns.

Eric Braeden’s portrayal has turned Victor into a character that fans love to watch, whether he’s acting as a ruthless businessman, a devoted lover, or a complicated father.

These top 10 moments capture the essence of Victor Newman’s legacy in Genoa City, ensuring his place as one of the most iconic characters in daytime television history.

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