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Y&R Recap: Sally is shocked to walk in on Chelsea and Adam together. Mamie apologizes for causing trouble, and Devon expresses his desire to buy her shares.

Weds June 5, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally walks in on a private moment between Adam and Chelsea. Lily reaches the end of her patience with Billy, and Mamie firmly […]

Weds June 5, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Sally walks in on a private moment between Adam and Chelsea. Lily reaches the end of her patience with Billy, and Mamie firmly holds her position against Nate.

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(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on May 2. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Devon and Nate are having lunch at the Athletic Club when Devon inquires about Nate’s relationship with Audra.

Nate explains that Audra is handling Glissade business in Paris. Devon advises Nate to keep his distance, as she still has ties to Tucker.

Nate acknowledges Devon’s advice but prefers to concentrate on Billy and his world tour.


He reached out to the offices he’s been to and learned the man charmed everyone.

Nate doubts he’s made headway enough to stage a coup. They worry when Mamie wanders in.

She came from Detroit and asks if Lily can join them. She has something to say.


They need to head to the office so their aunt says she’ll join them.

Devon hopes she’s not there to cause trouble.

Mamie hears him and says this isn’t about the company.

She says it was hurtful the way they “ganged up” on her but in Detroit, she realized something.

She did good by bringing the family together. They agree. The problem is she kept on nudging things.


Nate agrees. She wants to set things right. Devon’s skeptical.

How long until she stirs the pot. Mamie gets him.

She came back originally to do that but is done with that. She’ll stay in her lane as a silent investor.

The men want to believe her. Devon suggests she prove it by selling her stake in the company to them.


She thinks it’s extreme. Devon doesn’t trust her. She calls this “overly cruel” but Devon disagrees.

She can make other investments.

They’ll help her find them.

Ones that won’t cause a family rift.

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Mamie kicks herself for talking business and brings up Jill handing the reins to Billy, calling it a red flag.


Devon says he’s under control and again asks her to consider selling.

He takes off to the office while Nate sticks around to get a lecture from his aunt about family.

He asks her to let go of his animosity for Jill and to let go of her involvement in Chancellor-Winters.

She feels warning them is putting family first.

He thinks it sounds like she wants to cripple Jill not warn them.


Billy finds Lily in her office. She thought he was still on his “Billy Abbott Suck Up Tour.”

He cut it short.

She asks if he ran out of butts to kiss.

Billy looks terrible and tells her he needs to discuss something with her. She doesn’t like the secrecy, especially after what he and Jill did.


She starts to rant and Billy tells her that he just learned Jill is sick.

In fact, he’s betraying her trust by telling Lily.

It’s her heart she says and that she’s with her brother Snapper in London.

Lily worries. Billy calls it serious.


Lily’s sorry. Jill means the world to her, even though she went off on her.

Billy knows. He wants to memorialize her in the company by adding her name, Abbott, to Chancellor Winters.

She calls it ridiculous. He knows it’s bold but wants her to reconsider. He worries Jill won’t make it.

He needs to be pragmatic and wants her recognized. Lily says it protects his role too, making Billy get on the offensive.


Lily suggests instead that he go be with her but Billy calls this a chance to make things up to her for past mistakes.

Lily wants to support her too. Billy again presses her to consider letting the Abbott name be added to the rest.

She’ll think about it but isn’t happy when Billy asks him not to mention Jill’s situation.

He wants to talk to Jill first.

Devon comes in and Lily vows to keep discrete to Billy before he goes.

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Lily hears about his run in with Mamie and he worries if they go through with the demerger plan what she’ll think.

Lily calls it messy. She asks him to handle Mamie while she handles Billy. He tells his sister about giving his aunt an ultimatum.

Nate walks in and tells them both that Mamie says she wants peace, underneath, she’s fired up.

Nate doesn’t see her letting go anytime soon.


Chelsea and Adam get home from seeing Connor.

Chelsea followed him up because she was concerned about him.

He can’t pretend as though everything is going to be okay.

He tosses a gift for him in the trash.

She plucks it out and says they can give him the cookies another time. The doctor said they can reschedule.


Adam feels the rug was once again pulled out from beneath them.

Chelsea gets emotional.

She needs him to be the rock because she can’t do this herself.


She cries and Adam says he knows she wanted to hold their son in person.

She says more than anything she’s ever wanted in her life.


They embrace as Sally walks in with her bags.

Adam takes her box and Chelsea congratulates them on having Sally move in.

Sally’s confused as to why they’re there since they just left this morning.

Chelsea will let Adam share that.

Sally asks to connect about Marchetti when she’s up to it.


Chelsea will call later. She goes and Adam takes Sally in a hug.

They tell each other they missed one another.

Sally’s worried about him and asks what happened with Connor.

He explains Connor video called them and told them not to come while they were on the plane.


His excitement made his OCD flare up and it was stronger than ever.

“It” couldn’t let him feel good.

It told him he couldn’t be happy and he self-harmed and punched himself in the face.

He had a mark on his cheek. Adam asks how he could do that.

Shouldn’t the experts be able to stop it? “He punched himself in the face at the thought of us visiting him,” Adam says, looking horrified.

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How are things getting worse? Sally doesn’t know.

Maybe it gets worse before it gets better. Takes time.

Adam admits that the doctor did say Connor stopped himself and asked for help but they can’t see him because of the backsliding.


He tells his girlfriend Chelsea wants him to be strong.

Sally says sure for her but there will be moments he has to let it out and that’s what Sally’s there for.

Adam’s not sure how to get through this without her.

“You don’t have to,” she says, giving him a lingering kiss.


Chelsea walks into Crimson Lights to see Billy. She explains they never went to see Connor.

He was in a dissociative state and hit himself in the face before he called the nurses.

They called it a good sign that he managed it.

They discuss Adam’s reaction at being so upset and Billy is glib.

She asks him not to be so he apologizes. Chelsea’s worried about him.


She tears up, feeling she has to trust the process.

Billy fills her in on his mother’s health ailments and she feels sad for them both.


Billy admits his mom swore him to secrecy and he’s already told her and Lily.

This makes Chelsea worry. She doesn’t trust Lily and asks him to find out his mom’s wishes first.

Billy believes his mom trusts him to do what’s right. He’s not sure if she’ll be back at work when she recovers.

Chelseas asks if he wants to gain control of the company but Billy can’t say.

He’s just too overwhelmed. Chelsea hopes not because he’ll waste time on that rather than spending time with his mother.


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