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B&B Recap: Bill, Luna, and Poppy eagerly await the paternity test results, while Hope pushes Brooke to put an end to Steffy’s control over Forrester.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Tom takes up a job as a pizza delivery driver. Meanwhile, Katie and RJ inform Lima about Li’s views on her sister, […]

Tuesday, June 4, 2024: Today on Bold and the Beautiful, Tom takes up a job as a pizza delivery driver. Meanwhile, Katie and RJ inform Lima about Li’s views on her sister, and Hope encourages her mom to take on a role at the company.

Monday’s Early B&B recap: Li barges into Bill’s home unannounced and insists on conducting the paternity test herself, while Ridge stands firm on keeping Hope’s fashion line.

Deacon is pleased when Tom arrives at Il Giardino. He reiterates that he is genuinely offering him a job.


Tom remarks that most employers are hesitant to hire guys with a history of bad habits.

Deacon reassures him, saying he’s happy to welcome him as long as he remains committed to his recovery.


As he feeds him, Deacon asks if he needs a place to stay. Tom says he’s done enough.

Deacon feels that he and Sheila will be indebted to him forever. He tries to figure out what kind of work he can do.

Tom can’t handle kitchen work or waiting tables but thinks he could deliver pizzas. He even has a license.


At Bill’s, Li announces it’s time to see if Luna is his daughter or if her sister is lying. Bill ends the sister bickering and they agree to get on with the test.

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Li explains how the test works. Two stripes and Bill is the dad.

They’re eager to get this done. Bill hopes he will soon learn Luna is his daughter.


Poppy beams and Li glares at her.

Li performs the test. They wait.

Soon they will know if Bill is the father.


They stand around waiting.

Li declares she remembers the house well and explains that she knows Bill.

He saved her after Sheila ran her off the road.

That impresses Luna.

The test beeps. Li grabs it. “Look what we have here,” she says.


They demand the answer.


When Liam stops by the design office, Katie is still worrying to RJ about Poppy and Bill.

Liam is surprised that they have also heard that Luna could be Bill’s daughter.


Katie is not thrilled to hear how thrilled Bill seems to be about this.

They tell Liam that Li thinks Poppy is a gold digger.

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Tom shows up to deliver some pizzas.

They eat and wait for news about the tests.


In the Forrester office, Ridge insists to Steffy that losing HFTF is not what’s best for the company at this time.


Steffy objects but Carter agrees with Ridge and thinks they need to give the line time to turn around.

Steffy thinks her dad will have to step in with the line but he wants less responsibility.


He just wants to be a designer, not dealing with the business side.

Thomas is gone and Eric is barely there.

Without product, they have no company.


Ridge thinks they need to be optimistic about HFTF. Running things is on her.

Steffy reminds him of all she has on her plate.

Her dad says that if she needs help, they can find someone to step up.

Hope arrives at Eric’s and announces to her mother that the line will live on.

Ridge rules against Steffy. Brooke is thrilled for her.


Hope thinks her mom should have been at the meeting and reminds her she was the face of the company for decades and was CEO.

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Has she ever considered taking an active role again?


The company never flourished as much as when she was in charge.

Brooke agrees and thinks that Steffy has not been showing competent leadership.

There’s a lot she would change… but she doesn’t want to step on toes.


Her daughter tells her how much people loved working with her and how innovative she was. She’s a legend.

Brooke thinks that’s sweet but there’s no room for her at the top.

Hope points out Steffy is only there because Ridge put her there.


She’s tired of Steffy trying to remove the Logan influence from the company.

Together, they can put an end to Steffy’s leadership.


Tom returns to Il Giardino and Deacon is happy to hear it all went smoothly.


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